Tips for Staying Sober After Rehab

Staying sober in rehab is one thing. Staying sober outside of rehab is another. After you’ve finished addiction treatment, Los Angeles can be a hard city to live in and maintain your sobriety. There is a huge focus on nightlife and entertainment, which means alcohol or other substances. Not to mention the daily stress of life and our tendency to fall into “old habits”.  Once you have finished rehab, a residence in a sober living for recovery facility is an excellent decision. A high end sober living facility provides the comforts of home (there are even pet-friendly sober living options) with the structure and support needed to begin your journey on the sober living path. In addition to living in a sober living facility, here are some tips for maintaining sobriety, post-rehab:
  • Seek Support: Whether it is sober counseling, therapy or relying on a sober coach, it is important to have the right support and guidance to keep your sober goals in mind and help you manage the complex emotions and stress that occurs while managing recovery.
  • Use Your Time Wisely: Shockingly, one common cause of relapse is boredom and feeling restless. Many addicts have poor impulse control and can be easily bored or anxious. That’s why a well thought out schedule and a “game plan” to focus on is extremely important. By committing to 12 step meetings, therapy sessions, meetings with your sober coach or staying involved in service work or positive activities can help you stay on track with sober living.
  • Focus on Your Goals: Whether it is finding your dream job, creating a healthy family life or focusing on education – focusing on your new sober goals is extremely important to successful sober living. Start by making a list of realistic goals to help you stay motivated, active and engaged.  During your stay at a sober living facility, you will have the opportunity to discover new interests and goals – and put a detailed plan in place to help you achieve those goals.

Rivera Recovery Provides Continuing Care at Malibu Sober Living

These tips were brought to you by the sober living experts at Riviera Recovery, a luxury facility that offers sober living on the beach and helps addicts find their sober path during recovery. To learn more about luxury sober living, visit the Riviera Recovery’s website and experience the best sober living and addiction treatment Los Angeles has to offer. Call 866-478-8799
Why being sober is sexy in California?

Why Being Sober is Sexy

There is a huge lie out there. It’s that somehow drugs and alcohol are alluring. That they make you attractive. Fun. Sexy.  It’s a lie that the entire “nightlife” industry is based on. But for people facing serious addiction, there is nothing fun or sexy about drugs or alcohol – instead of drugs and alcohol seriously impact every aspect of your life and image in a negative way. Here are some reasons why being sober is sexy:
  • You Look Better: Alcohol and drugs are hard on your looks.  They cause bloating, weight gain, bad skin, dry and brittle hair and nails, stained teeth – the list goes on. When you give up alcohol and drugs, you’ll not only feel your very best – you’ll look your very best too.
  • Your Bank Account is Bigger: having your finances in order is attractive. And addictions cost a lot of money. Consider how much money you’ll save when you are not spending it on alcohol or drugs. During your time in a sober living facility, you’ll learn to manage your money and start to build up a savings.
  • Strength is Sexy: When you go through addiction recovery, you come out a much stronger, wiser and more enlightened person. That strength and intelligence is extremely attractive.
  • You’re Comfortable in Your Own Skin: Once you overcome an addiction and get on the path to sober living, you begin to find out who you truly are. There’s something very sexy about a man or a woman who knows who they are and who doesn’t feel the need to “cover up” their true personality with drugs or alcohol.  That kind of confidence is extremely attractive.
  • You Gain Compassion and Empathy: They say that recovering addicts are some of the best listeners in the world – and that’s because the skills that they learned in sober living help them empathize with others and provides them with incredible perspective and empathy to other people’s emotions. This quality makes a person very attractive to others, as these attributes are very rare these days.
  • You’re in Control: Let’s face it – when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you aren’t in control of your emotions, words or actions. Often you will do or say things that just aren’t “you”.  When you are sober, you are confident, in control and stable. You don’t blow off people or act in ways that you regret.  You own your decisions and actions – and that’s something people are really drawn to.

Discover a New Sober You: Malibu Recovery Center

Ready to discover a new sober you – and find out just how good it feels to get clean? Riviera Recovery’s Malibu recovery center helps young adults find their sober path and help you become a whole, healthy, competent and confident individual. To learn more about beachside sober living in Malibu, visit the Riviera Recovery’s web site and experience the best sober living southern California has to offer.

Alcohol Treatment Los Angeles

Alcoholism isn’t a disease that discriminates. It can affect anyone –and more than ever, alcoholism is affecting young adults. Peer pressure, stress, a culture that glorifies substance abuse and alcohol consumption – these are all reasons that more young adults than ever are struggling with serious alcohol addictions. Alcohol affects young adults from all walks of life – no one is immune. Just as there is no one “face” of alcoholism – there is no one treatment option that will work for every alcoholic. The best way to find freedom from alcoholism is to first admit that you need help, then search for sober living treatment options that will provide you with the best chance of success and long-term sobriety.

Alcoholic Treatment Options: High-End Sober Living Facility

Before you enter treatment, it’s good to become familiar with rehab and sober living treatment options. There are many different types of treatments available: outpatient treatment, inpatient drug rehabilitation, dual diagnosis treatment, detoxification and high-end sober living facility options. There are residential treatment centers that have a more “high end” sober living facility feel and focus on helping addicts find a lasting path to sobriety. These high-end sober living facility options provide a “family-style” living situation, where residents feel safe, secure and comfortable. There are even pet- friendly sober living options available. When looking at alcohol or drug treatment facilities, you should ask the facility staff which types of treatments they use and what style programming and living situations they offer. If you enter into a rehab center that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsettled, you won’t be able to effectively focus on your recovery – and you’ll put your sobriety in jeopardy.

Alcohol Treatment and Therapy Los Angeles

Ready to find the best alcohol treatment and therapy? Los Angeles has a lot of options – and it can seem overwhelming when trying to decide on the best “fit” for you. After you’ve looked at alcohol rehabilitation centers and decided on one you feel will be a good fit, you will likely be anxious. Whether it is you or someone you love who will be entering rehab, the thought of the unknown can cause a lot of uncertainty. If you have an understanding of what to expect at drug and alcohol rehab, you’ll enter treatment with greater confidence and less fear. Most alcoholic treatment centers will begin with a medically-guided detoxification process, in which the body is gently cleansed of all toxins so treatment can begin on a “clean slate”. After detoxification, you will likely undergo gentle, yet effective, therapeutic sessions in which a team of addiction specialists help you get to the root cause of your addiction and work with you to find ways to break the cycle of addiction. It is common for many alcohol rehab centers to have group therapy sessions, as well as daily meetings and affirmations to help every patient keep their sobriety goals in mind.

Sober Living and Treatment

The final step is a focus on long-term sober living, in which you will develop the skills needed to find success and happiness in life – completely substance free. Riviera Recovery’s alcohol and drug recovery center in Malibu, California gives addicts the skills, tools and healthy mental outlook they need to confidently approach their new sober life. To learn more about beating your addiction to alcohol and experiencing beachside sober living in Malibu. Call to speak with our Admissions Specialist at 866-478-8799

Drug Detox Los Angeles

Drug Detox Los Angeles

Are you an addict in need of drug detox, Los Angeles area Riviera Recovery is a private detox center that will get you started on the road to long-term sobriety. At Riviera Recovery, we offer medically-guided detoxification, as well as drug rehab and luxury sober living– all in a luxurious beachfront residential setting. If you or someone you love is dealing with serious addiction, you need highly effective drug detox and sober living. Los Angeles area Riviera Recovery provides meaningful recovery and long-term sobriety. Our luxury sober living facilities offer all the comforts of home – and more – to help facilitate successful inpatient drug rehab.

Benefits of a Private Detox Center

Going through drug detox is a deeply personal experience and a private detox center offers a safe and private environment in which you can focus on overcoming your dependence on drugs or alcohol. Detoxification is not an easy process, both physically and mentally. A private detox center gives you the personal space you need to deal with emotional and physical issues that arise during the detoxification process. Riviera Recovery offers support and guidance during the detox process in a totally private setting. We also provide around-the-clock care by a well-trained staff that are experts in the needs of detoxification patients. To further help with the detox process, we offer balanced nutrition, a private meditation room, infrared sauna, saltwater pool and spa. We also compliment the detox process with healthy exercise options such as yoga, Pilates, surfing or paddle boarding.

Luxury Drug Rehab

Drug rehabilitation doesn’t have to be a cold and clinical experience. Riviera Recovery offers luxury drug rehab that provides serious treatment in a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere. Our beautiful facilities look more like a high-end home than a rehab center. In addition to our world-class private addiction rehab and cutting-edge detoxification methods, our drug rehabilitation center provides comfortable private rooms, world-class nutrition and complementary therapies such as massage and yoga. Our staff works one-on-one with each patient to ensure each patient gets the personal attention they deserve. Riviera Recovery also maintains a “pet-friendly” policy, as we understand that having your cherished pet nearby can help with emotional healing and health.

Sober Living for Recovery

If you’re searching for the best drug detox and sober living for recovery, Riviera Recovery has the right support and treatment options for you. Riviera Recovery provides much more than just drug detox. Los Angeles can be a difficult place to focus on sobriety – and we work to give our residents the skills they need to create a future of long-term sobriety and success. To learn more about what we offer at Riviera Recovery, view our services and explore our treatment options. Call to speak with our Admissions Specialist at 866-478-8799