Celebrities Who Found Sobriety Success After Rehab

Celebrities Who Found Sobriety Success After Rehab

Young celebrities seem to have it all: looks, money, style and fame. But underneath their carefully constructed public persona, celebrities struggle with the same emotions and issues that we all do. They deal with stress, insecurities, self-doubt and the pressure to keep up appearances. Many also struggle with unhealthy behaviors and addiction. Life lived in such a public way can make seeking treatment for addiction a difficult decision – but it is a life saving one. Many young celebrities who have found sobriety success after rehab with addiction treatment have later spoke up about their experiences in order to become an inspiration for those who are also struggling with these same demons. Here are some well-known young celebrities who have found success and sobriety through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Zac Efron: Drug Rehab Sober Living

Movie star Zac Efron was at the top of his career when he made the decision to enter drug rehab. Sober living and drug rehabilitation saved this star from spiraling further down a dangerous path. According to a report by TMZ.com, Efron sought treatment for a cocaine addiction, as well as substance abuse treatment for alcohol abuse. Efron successfully completed treatment and chose to quietly live his sober truth, simply telling E! News, post re-rehab, “I’m good, real good.”

Demi Lovato: Sober Living for Recovery

For singer and actress Demi Lovato, going through rehab was essential to her recovery from a multitude of issues, from mental illness, eating disorders, self-harm and drug and alcohol addiction. After experiencing her new “best self” through sober living for recovery, Lovato decided to be open and upfront with fans, in regards to her recovery process. Lovato has said she “hopes to inspire” others who are dealing with addiction or self-harming behaviors. “Sharing my story felt important if it meant that I’d be helping people get access to better care or showing that it’s still possible to live a normal life,” Lovato said. Lovato is now 100 percent committed to her sobriety and frequently speaks on the topic, as well as personally reaching out to fans who are struggling with addiction, mental illness and self-harm.

Kelly Osbourne: Finding her Path Through Addiction Recovery

TV personality and reality TV star Kelly Osbourne, her addictions began as a young teenager. Her parents sent her to rehab in 2004 for an addiction to prescription pain pills – a time in her life which Osbourne described as “painful”. “Towards the end, there wasn’t a second in a 24-hour day that I wasn’t high on something,” she later admitted in British TV interview. Five years later, Osbourne made the decision to enter rehab on her own, to deal with lingering addiction issues and now enjoys life with a healthy, clear perspective. “I’m getting a second chance and I want to be present for it,” Osbourne told People magazine.

Nicole Richie: New Sober Life

After being arrested for heroin possession in 2003, reality TV star and fashion designer Nicole Richie turned to rehab. She later relapsed, and after an arrest for driving the wrong way on the freeway while under the influence of Vicodin and marijuana, she worked to truly break the cycle of addiction through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. She credits rehab, as well as the birth of her first child, to giving her the commitment and inspiration needed to stay clean and sober. “I’m in a completely different place right now,” she told Diane Sawyer in an interview.

Selena Gomez: A Clear Perspective, Thanks to Rehab

Singer Selena Gomez may seem to be on top of the world – but just a year ago, she felt like she was hitting rock bottom. Gomez said that she “lost sight of herself” and sought treatment for undisclosed addictions. Gomez blamed peer pressure and the pressures of fame for leading her into addictive behaviors. Rehab, she said, saved her – and she is committed to sharing her journey directly with her fans, at concerts and speaking events. “I’m here to just tell you my path so that you can hopefully take something away from it because I don’t like being honest with press and interviews,” she told fans. “I like being honest with you directly.”

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