Going Back to College in Recovery: Sober Living for Recovery

When you are in the midst of a serious drug or alcohol addiction, it can nearly impossible to consider plans for the future. Your everyday existence is wrapped up in your addiction. Once the recovery process in underway and you have reached a point of stability and sobriety, you probably will start to consider what the future may hold. One of the biggest issues facing young addicts, post-rehab, is that they have spent so many of their formative years dealing with addiction that they haven’t developed a set of life skills or goals to help them build the life that they want. While many of their peers have attended college, received degrees and started careers, an addict hasn’t created these same opportunities for themselves and may feel “stuck” or “left behind” from the peer group. One of the best parts about recovery from drugs and alcohol is that is gives a person a second chance at life – any life that they want. And that includes getting an education and discovering where they fit in the world.

The Importance of Education, Post-Rehab

Going to college or beginning continuing education classes can be an extremely rewarding experience for an addict, post-recovery. The education process can begin during recovery, under the care and supervision of a rehabilitation center staff. At rehab, a person can begin to safely explore their passions and interests – and work on ways to transform those interests into an educational pursuit or career goal. Once the cycle of addiction is broken, it is important to set goals and have an action plan in place for what life will look like after the rehabilitation and sober living for recovery process is complete. An education and career goals help provide a focus and can help a former addict overcome the negative self-image and lack of direction that they experienced during their addiction. Education and life skills are empowering – and the more empowered a person feels, the less chance there is that they will slip back into their old ways.

Sober Living in Los Angeles: A Plan for the Future

A sober living facility is more than just a “stepping stone” between inpatient rehabilitation and the “real world”. It is a place for those struggling with addiction to create healthy habits and learn the skills they need to transition into a life of sobriety. This includes a focus on educational opportunities and learning useful life skills. The goal is create opportunities for sober living residents to develop their self-esteem and discover their passions – as well as developing real-life skills needed to find success while sober. Located in beautiful Malibu, Riviera Recovery is a luxury sober living program designed to promote healing from addiction, as well as help residents find their path in the world. Riviera Recovery’s luxury sober living center offers transitional programming to help people live their best sober lives.

Supporting Those in College in Recovery

Riviera Recovery’s high end sober living in Malibu, California is located on a luxurious 7,000 square foot facility and offers all the luxury amenities needed to ensure a comfortable and productive stay, as well as personalized treatment plans, medication supervision, weekly in-house meetings, transportation to and from 12-step meetings, optional sober companions and family coaching. To learn more about Riviera Recovery’s Malibu recovery center and high-end sober living facility, call to speak with an Admissions Specialist at 866-478-8799

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