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Pet Friendly Sober Living in Malibu

Riviera Recovery has always been a champion of pet-friendly sober living, and we have believed in this since the days we first opened our doors. We are pet lovers ourselves, and we have seen how the bond between owner and pet can help the patient recovering from addiction make it through the roughest parts.

Maybe it’s a California thing, maybe it’s being so close to the beach, but we just love our furry friends! Dogs lovers, we have just the spot for you. Bring your sweet boy or girl to stay with you at either one of our two houses – the original Riviera house or our new Surfview home, and you are just a short walk from the beach, where plenty of water activities await.

Animals have been proven to have a positive impact on drug addiction and treatment. You are undoubtedly familiar with concepts like equine therapy, and there is good reason, Animal Therapy has many proven benefits, including helping patients with:

  • Interpersonal interactions
  • Mood
  • Stress-related variables such as cortisol, heart rate and blood pressure
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Cardiovascular diseases

We understand the calming effect pets can have on our patients. Additionally, pets force patients to care for something other than themselves, which can be a power motivational tool! Pet’s are a win-win.

If you or your loved one needs comprehensive addiction therapy monitored by an expert staff at an extremely healthy, positive location in Malibu, call Riviera Recovery today. We are Pet Friendly, and can’t wait to help you begin your path to happiness!

About Riviera Recovery

Our spacious sober living residence offers you or your loved one the chance to embark on a healthy and vibrant sober lifestyle with guidance from our highly qualified and experienced staff.

Among the many addiction issues we treat are:

Heroin addiction

Opiate addiction

Meth addiction

Alcohol addiction

Drug detox

And more…

The staff at Riviera Recovery will help you or your loved one take advantage of a strong drug addiction treatment program while we teach new skills to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This new lifestyle includes healthy, rejuvenating practices such as diets rich in organic food, our private meditation room, far infrared sauna, our saltwater pool and spa, plus healthy exercise options such as yoga, Pilates, surfing, or paddle boarding.

Sober Living in Malibu

For more information on how Riviera Recovery can help you or a loved one embrace a new life through lasting sobriety, or for a tour of our center, please call (866) 478-8799 or send us a confidential message.

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