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Private Rehab and Sober Living

The decision to enter drug rehab or a sober living facility can be a very personal and private matter. Though entering rehab or sober living shouldn’t have any shame or stigma involved, it’s something that young adults can feel very guarded about. The idea of “everyone finding out” and the perceived shame involved with addiction is one of the many reasons that many young drug addicts and alcoholics do not seek rehab, choosing instead to try and keep their addictions a secret. But any addiction expert will tell you, keeping secrets is one of the worst things an addict can do – and it only makes them sicker. But every addict deserves to deal with their addiction in a private manner and not feel exposed during a very vulnerable time. Private drug and alcohol rehab and luxury sober living facilities offer comprehensive recovery and help addicts get on a path to long-term recovery.

Here are some major benefits in choosing a private sober living setting:

  • Private rehab facilities offers a very personalized plan of action created for each individual addict and their specific addiction.
  • Private drug and alcohol rehab allows an addict to deal with the serious effects of detoxification in a safe and private environment.
  • Private sober living allows a patient more one on one time with the staff, counselors, medical professionals and therapists.
  • With private sober living, there is no feeling of being “exposed” or as if others will judge you or tell your secrets.
  • Private Malibu rehab facilities foster an environment of trust, understanding and mutual respect
  • Residents in private luxury sober living develop strong relationships with the staff and residents and create future connections to help them build their bridge to transition into full-time sober living, outside of treatment
  • The exclusive environment of a luxury sober living home provides a sanctuary and a comfortable environment in which an addict can heal their mind, body and soul.

Choosing the Right Private Luxury Sober Living Center

Choosing the right private luxury rehab and sober living center for yourself or a loved one is a major life decision. The right Malibu treatment center can change lives and help set even the most serious of addicts on the right path to lifelong sobriety and recovery. Looking for the best in private sober living? Southern California’s Riviera Recovery is a Malibu treatment center that gives addicts the skills, tools and mental outlook they need to step into their future with confidence. Set in a completely private and exclusive setting, Riviera Recovery’s luxury sober living center is a one of the most respected and most successful Malibu rehab facilities. To learn more about our Malibu treatment center, call to our Admissions Team at 866-478-8799

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