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Sober Living For Substance Abuse

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What is Sober Living?

Many people who have gone through addiction treatment find that when their program is complete, they still feel they need more support than what they can get back home. The transition from treatment to the real world has its challenges for anyone who has just gotten sober, but some can benefit from taking the extra step of moving into a sober living home.

Sober living homes are homes where people new to recovery can reside prior to making their way back to their “regular” lives. They will go right from treatment and into a sober living home where they will reside with others who are also in recovery. There, individuals can continue to put together the building blocks of their recovery so they can achieve long-term success.

What To Expect At Sober Living

Those residing at a sober living home can expect to benefit from the slowed down transition that they are getting. And, during that time, there are a number of different things that they can expect. For example, individuals are able to come and go as they please, which is much different than what is seen in inpatient treatment settings. This means that individuals can set up their days and nights how they choose without having to stay at the house all the time. In that same breath, however, many residents of sober living homes set a curfew for the household to help promote their recovery. This may be a possibility depending on what sober living home a person lives in.

Just because individuals are no longer in 24/7 treatment does not mean that they do not have to participate in therapy any longer. When living in a sober living home, individuals can expect to still go to therapy sessions. They can also expect to be held accountable for their attendance to group counseling sessions.

The blend of treatment and freedom that individuals can obtain in sober living homes is one that can encourage their continued success in recovery. Individuals can expect to learn how to balance their daily lives and lean on others for support when necessary. They can expect to learn these skills and more as they work to make this transition.

Benefits of Sober Living

Arguably the greatest benefit of sober living is the time, space, and peace that individuals can obtain prior to getting back to their daily lives. But that is certainly not the only benefit that comes along with sober living. Some of the most notable benefits of sober living include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Safe environment — As unfortunate as it may be, many people who are new in recovery do not have a home or safe place to go back to when their treatment is over. Having a sober living option can be lifesaving in these instances. But, regardless of if there is a safe place outside of treatment to live or not, sober living offers individuals an environment where they can continue to grow their recovery without non-stop interference from the outside world.
  • Constant support — When in a sober living home, you are not living alone. Instead, you are living with others who are also new to recovery and who are striving to maintain their sobriety. You will see your roommates every day, which is a major benefit because you can always rely on them to be your support system when you need it most (and vice versa).
  • Sense of independence — Most people who transition into sober living homes have come from inpatient treatment, where they followed a strict schedule at the facility where they were receiving care. But in a sober living home, individuals can gain a strong sense of independence as they work to establish their own schedules. They learn to balance recreational time, therapy, career, socialization, and so on in a manner that is not attainable while in inpatient treatment.
  • Reducing the risk of relapse — Studies show that the longer that someone is in treatment or participating in a therapeutic service such as sober living, they increase their odds of remaining in recovery. So, when someone stays in a sober living home, they are reducing their risk of relapse, which is the end goal.

As with any type of professional addiction treatment or service, participants have to put forth the effort and dedication in order to achieve these and other benefits. But, with the drive to transform their lives, individuals can reach their goals.

What is Sober Living Like in Los Angeles?

Our luxury Los Angeles sober living homes help individuals create a better sense of purpose in a structured and supportive community. Within each of our houses, clients are given the opportunity to build a framework of new beliefs, patterns, behaviors, and systems that will enable them to develop a fulfilling life and prepare them for growth. Our sober living community provides accountability, and continuous therapy and support through our clinical partnerships, all backed by a beautiful and relaxing setting the Los Angeles area.

If you have questions about our sober living services, call us right now. We are here to help.


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