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Sober Living California

Coastal Sober Living California

Early recovery is not a bed of roses.  It can be hard. REALLY difficult. Even after the detox, focused therapy and recovery work accomplished at an inpatient treatment program, making the transition from a life revolving around alcohol or drugs to sobriety is challenging.  You know intellectually that you had to give up your precious substance of choice in order to stay alive, but you may still long for it. Like breaking up with a lover, it is bound to hurt for a while.

Imagine trying to go straight home right after treatment.  In this vulnerable state, with that sometimes-ambivalent attitude poking its head in and testing your resolve, is it really the smart thing to do, to go back home right away?  Recovery exists on a continuum. It isn’t a single point in time you can point at and say, “See there, on April 9th I completed the program and now I am safely in recovery.”  Recovery is a slog, beginning in fits and starts and gaining traction as the months pass and you hang in there.  

The very best chance of achieving that dream of lasting recovery, of being free from the substance that nearly choked the life out of you and everyone around you, is to plan on spending 3-6 months in a sober living community.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded sober people motivated to stay that way is key to surviving those early months of recovery. A diverse selection of sober living California options are out there, so why not find one in the most edifying location for healing and serenity, the coast.

About Sober Living California

An excellent aftercare plan following treatment includes outpatient counseling, recovery support, and a sober living environment.  Living in a drug and alcohol-free space that provides the structure and support needed during early recovery offers the best opportunity for avoiding relapse.  In a well-managed sober living home there is a zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use or possession, meaning residents are tested regularly. This acts as a powerful deterrent to remain strong in sobriety so you don’t get kicked out and can truly enjoy all that the sober living home has to offer.

A sober living house will have clearly stated rules and responsibilities that residents must adhere to.  This keeps the living space safe, sober, and supportive. It provides an opportunity to develop new healthy dietary and fitness habits, to gain employment or return to school, and to be accountable to people other than yourself.  Required participation in a 12-step program reinforces social support in recovery.

Benefits of Coastal Sober Living in California

Selecting a coastal sober living home California creates the very best of both worlds.  You will form new friendship and lifestyle habits in a safe and supportive sober environment while also enjoyed all the gifts of nature in a coastal location.  At your fingertips will be an array of outdoor activities to participate in that can stoke newfound energy and soul-level joy.

Coastal sober living communities feature such activities as surfing, sport fishing, cycling, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, horseback riding, and more.  Even just jogging along the shoreline is invigorating. If your life story has taken you through addiction and into recovery, why not make the most out of this new life chapter and get the aftercare you need at a sober living community near the beach.

Riviera Recovery Provides the Finest Coastal Sober Living California at Malibu

Riviera Recovery is a beachside sober living community located in Malibu, California.  With striking ocean views and rolling hillsides to nurture your newfound sober lifestyle, Riviera Recovery can enhance your early phase of recovery with activities such as surfing, stand up paddle boarding, hiking, fishing, rock climbing, and kayaking.  Being sober does not mean life isn’t fun—on the contrary, in your new sobriety you will experience authentic joy for the first time in probably years. For more information about our sober living community, please contact Riviera Recovery today at (866) 478-8799.


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