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Transitional living arrangements are an essential component of relapse prevention, leading to sustainable sobriety and long-term recovery. However, many feel more at ease when living in a gender-specific environment. Sober living for women cultivates a sense of inclusivity and comfort as women strengthen their position in recovery surrounded by supportive peers.

For those seeking women’s sober living homes in the Los Angeles area, it is important to look for a reputable facility that provides a high level of structure, encouragement, and accountability.

Why Stay in a Sober Living Home for Women?

Many women are not ready to go back into society following inpatient treatment and that is okay. The outside world is full of temptations and potential triggers, so it is perfectly normal to want more time to assimilate to your newly-formed sobriety. In fact, it is commendable. Sober living homes greatly increase your chances of staying sober without relapsing. 

For example, you may need time to find a healthy long-term living arrangement. This is especially true if where you were living prior to treatment is not conducive to recovery. Transitional living not only gives you time to find a place to live, but it offers essential resources such as housing assistance and job placement to help you restart your life on the right track. Additionally, sober living can be utilized while you are in a form of outpatient programming.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Sober Living in Los Angeles, CA

Riviera’s gender-specific sober housing addresses the unique needs and concerns of women in recovery. The truth is that men and women handle recovery differently, thus needing support in different ways. Additionally, we at Riviera believe in the power of sisterhood. Here, women will be able to form a transformative bond with their peers.

This strong sense of community leads to many short and long-term benefits for women. Specifically, they will have the opportunity to share in group counseling sessions with others who share a similar viewpoint. Though every woman is unique, our female residents tend to share similar values and recovery goals. As a result, openly discussing past experiences with those who have faced comparable struggles and emotions not only helps them to grow collectively as a group but as individuals.

Additionally, group outings are an integral part of transitional living. Women will be able to explore the Los Angeles area and make sober memories with their newfound friends. Because it is common for these women to stay in touch with each other after they have stopped living in together, they are able to maintain accountability even after integrating back into the real-world.

What is Women’s Sober Living in Los Angeles, CA Like?

Riviera combines luxurious amenities and abundant resources with fun outings and a focus on community to make our sober living facilities for women stand out. We understand that you want to feel safe, secure, and happy in your living environment and will do everything in our power to make this experience as rewarding as possible. Riviera Recovery, located in the Los Angeles area, offers the following amenities at our Mclaughlin House for women:

  • Outdoor pool
  • Semi-private bathrooms
  • Private and semi-private bedrooms
  • Pet-friendly
  • Spacious living areas 
  • Transportation services
  • Laundry facilities
  • Fully-equipped kitchen 
  • Outdoor patio
  • Access to computers and internet
  • Organized activities (outings, yoga, meditation)
  • Comfortable bedding and mattresses

Additionally, we offer clinical partnerships to help you connect with nearby therapists and recovery centers.

What to Look for in a Women’s Sober Living Home

When seeking out a women’s sober living home in Los Angeles, there are specific criteria that the facility should meet. You should keep your eye out for the following characteristics when debating what transitional living home is right for you or your loved one: 


The sober living home you choose should enforce house rules. These include a strict curfew and chore chart. Though the idea of a curfew might make you feel like a teenager again, this is an important part of maintaining accountability. Additionally, you want to live in a clean environment that runs smoothly. To accomplish this goal and encourage responsibility, it is essential that everybody in the home contributes to housework and personal upkeep. 


Transitional living environments are meant to prepare you to integrate back into the real world. This being said, these homes should offer career and education services, such as skills training and job placement assistance. They should also provide recovery resources. For example, resources that help you secure a constructive living place following your stay. 


It is important that the sober living home you select is in close proximity to 12-Step meetings among other recovery groups. Given Riviera’s central location, we are near countless sectors and provide our residents with day and night access to support meetings. 


Sobriety can absolutely be fun, and it is important that those in recovery understand that. Riviera recovery fosters a sense of community by encouraging our residents to explore the nearby area together. With easy access to all Los Angeles has to offer, our residents can make memories in recovery that will last a lifetime. 


Do not assume all sober living facilities are gender-specific. Before selecting one, it is crucial to make sure that they offer female exclusive housing such as Riviera Recovery does. 

Individual Attention

At the end of the day, you are a unique and capable individual. It is important that the sober home you live in understands that. At Riviera recovery, our compassionate staff works one on one with clients. This ensures that they are finding the balance and focus needed to accomplish their recovery goals and find whole-body healing on a long-term scale.

Additionally, sober living should encourage you to maintain self-care and help you improve your interpersonal skills. To accomplish this feat, we work with our residents to help them establish healthy eating habits, consistent sleeping patterns, and improved communication abilities. 

Sober Activities for Women in Los Angeles, CA

The greater Los Angeles area is buzzing with positive energy and warm sunshine. Centrally located in a safe yet upbeat residential neighborhood, our sober living home provides our female residents with plenty of entertainment options.

Fun nearby activities for women include:

  • Shopping. While staying in our women’s sober house, residents can visit some of the most iconic stores in California. From cute boutiques to name-brand designers, our clients can dabble in Los Angeles’ exciting world of fashion.
  • Restaurants. Los Angeles is known for its flavorful, yet health-conscious fare. Our residents are encouraged to expand their culinary horizons by visiting some of the trendiest eateries in the area.
  • Museums. One thing is for sure, Los Angeles offers plenty of culture and history. From the California Science Center and the Griffith Observatory to the Broad Art Museum and the Hollywood Museum, the area boasts exhibits that appeal to every interest. 
  • Hiking. Reconnect with nature by hiking some of LA’s most noteworthy trails. For example, try Runyon Canyon or Burbank Peak Trail, which leads to the Hollywood Sign.
  • Beaches. For many people, there is nothing more healing than an ocean breeze. This city offers some of the trendiest as well as some of the most serene beaches. There, you and your sober roommates can visit lively boardwalks, try water sports, or simply play in the surf.

Sober Living for Women in Los Angeles, CA

At Riviera Recovery, we want to help you maintain the sobriety you have worked so hard for. During your stay at our sober living for women, you will have the opportunity to truly connect with those around you. The friendships you form in our nurturing environment will help you establish a long-term support network that will be extremely beneficial to your recovery. To learn more about our gender-specific sober living programs in Los Angeles, give us a call or visit our admissions page today.

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