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Sober Living Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Malibu

Location, Location, Location!

After completing an addiction treatment program for a substance use disorder, some may mistakenly believe they are good to go.  However, because this early phase of recovery is fragile, returning to normal life too soon can trip up even the most committed person.  To give oneself the best chance of succeeding in achieving sustained sobriety, spending a few months in a sober living environment is a critical next step in the recovery journey.

When deciding on the location for sober housing there are many factors to consider that can help influence the final sober living destination.  Location is an important deciding factor when contemplating the type of surroundings and services available during a stint in sober living.  Why not maximize the experience by healing and recovering in the beautiful Los Angeles region.  Sober living in Malibu, near Santa Monica and L.A. offers abundant natural and recreational assets, as well as job opportunities and recovery support resources to compliment this important step in building a sober lifestyle.

Sober Living Malibu

Located 30 miles west of downtown L.A., Malibu is a stunning 21-mile long strip of California coastline and rugged hillsides with a community of 12,000 residents.  Famed beaches such as Surfrider Beach, Zuma Beach and Malibu Beach offer ample opportunities to enjoy surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding.  The local bluffs feature a large network of hiking trails featuring beautiful vistas of the coastline.

Sober Living in Malibu offers a unique opportunity to convene with nature while moving forward in recovery.  Local parks, sports parks, and nature conservancy offer plenty of outdoor recreation to enhance and restore health and fitness.  As an added interest, the nearby Getty Villa provides a museum dedicated to arts and culture.  Malibu offers SMART Recovery and 12-step meetings, as well as intensive outpatient programs (IOP) to support the local recovery community.

Sober Living Near Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a beach enclave of 90,000 residents located west of Los Angeles.  The spectacular beaches, including famed Venice Beach to the south, draw visitors from all around.  The Santa Monica pier is the centerpiece of the town, constructed in 1909, and features a roller coaster, ferris wheel, and historic carousel.  The charming Third Street Promenade offers an eclectic mix of shopping and restaurants, and a continuous social vibe in the pedestrian-only 3 block zone.  The Santa Monica civic auditorium offers concerts and sporting events, and Santa Monica has assorted art galleries, including the Santa Monica Museum of Art as well.

Imagine how residing in a sober living near Santa Monica is enhanced by the natural healing properties of the sea, sun, and fresh air of this beautiful beach community.  Outdoor activities to promote physical and emotional wellness are abundant, such as cycling, surfing, fishing, stand-up paddle boarding, and just walking or jogging the boardwalk.  Abundant addiction treatment resources are available to individuals in sober living Santa Monica, including outpatient programs and 12-step meetings.

Sober Living Los Angeles

Some may prefer a more urban environment for a sober living destination, so Los Angeles is a perfect fit for people seeking the busy city vibe.  With nearly 4 million people, the sprawling city offers abundant employment opportunities to those in the large L.A. recovery community.  Los Angeles features a multicultural population, with segments of the city dedicated to various ethnicities where interesting cuisines, arts and music representing the locals add rich layers to the city.

Sober Living in Los Angeles offers a multitude of activities, landmarks, and recreational opportunities to provide an endless array of interesting outings that enhance this phase of recovery.  This populated city also offers respites to local mountains, lakes, and beaches within an hour’s drive.  An extensive network of meetings and IOPs are available to provide continual support and fellowship in the ongoing recovery journey.

Riviera Recovery Offers Quality Sober Living Community in Los Angeles Region

With the expansive backdrop of Malibu as its canvas, the sober community housing at Riviera Recovery offers the perfect setting for restoring health and well-being in recovery.  Offering two luxury residences, high quality amenities, and organic foods, Riviera Recovery creates an environment that promotes a desire to live a new, healthy lifestyle.  Its focus on intensive, personalized counseling and monitoring offers the high level of support its residents need to succeed in achieving a sustained recovery.  Group activities and local trips help the residents bond, reinforcing a mutual commitment to sobriety.  For more information about our sober living community, please contact us today at (866) 478-8799.

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