Ten Questions to Ask About Sober Living Programs

For those who struggle substance abuse, including loved ones, the staff at Riviera Recovery Center for addiction therapy is providing guidance in the form of the Ten Questions to Ask When Selecting a Sober Living Residence.

  1. Is the addiction treatment facility focused on programs for lasting recovery? Getting clean and sober from drugs or alcohol is important, but it is only half the battle. The other half is staying sober for good.
  2. Does the staff of the facility include members who have overcome substance abuse and have achieved lasting recovery? When a staff member speaks to you or your loved one about the addiction challenge, credibility is increased if the counselor has been through the same experience.
  3. Does the drug treatment facility have a multiple approaches to treatment? A one-size-fits-all program for addiction is usually less effective than a customized, hands-on program.
  4. Does the program allow pets? Pets have proven abilities to calm by slowing the heart rate and overall metabolism.
  5. Does the recovery center take the necessary steps to protect patient privacy? This question is even more important in this age of instant news.
  6. Is the facility on the leading edge of substance abuse treatment options? The recovery facility should have an understanding of what works and what doesn’t.
  7. Does the facility have a 24-hour, fully staffed and supervised program? This is important to help prevent the temptations of substance abuse triggers.
  8. Does the facility provide a comprehensive after care program? Follow-up is a key to success.
  9. Does the facility offer amenities so that the surroundings become supportive instead of a distraction? The program environment should inspire and motivate. The beach is an ideal location due to its proven scientific ability to reduce stress and depression.
  10. Is there a family education program to help loved ones understand and cope with what is usually an extremely stressful situation? Family education and support is another key to lasting sobriety.
  11. At Riviera Recovery Center, we are pleased to report that our answer to each of these important questions is “Yes.”

About Riviera Recovery Sober Living

Riviera Recovery Sober Living is located on over two acres in the calming serenity of Malibu, California. With hundreds of clients treated and over 80 years of combined staff experience, Riviera Recovery is one of the nation’s leading addiction rehab centers.

Riviera Recovery substance abuse treatment center accepts only a small number of addiction rehab residents at a time, which allows our staff to provide the individual attention and counseling that is a key to successful, lasting sobriety.

Our spacious sober living residence offers you or your loved one the chance to embark on a healthy and vibrant sober lifestyle with guidance from our highly qualified and experienced staff.

Among the many addiction issues we treat are:

Heroin addiction

Opiate addiction

Meth addiction

Alcohol addiction

Drug detox

And more…

The staff at Riviera Recovery will help you or your loved one take advantage of a strong drug addiction treatment program while we teach new skills to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This new lifestyle includes healthy, rejuvenating practices such as diets rich in organic food, our private meditation room, far infrared sauna, our saltwater pool and spa, plus healthy exercise options such as yoga, Pilates, surfing, or paddle boarding.

For more information on how Riviera Recovery can help you or a loved one embrace a new life through lasting sobriety, or for a tour of our center, please call (866) 478-8799.

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