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What are the Benefits of Living in a Sober Living Home?

Many people enter sober living homes, or “halfway houses,” after completing addiction treatment. But, what are sober living homes and what role do they play in addiction recovery?

What Are Sober Living Homes?

A serious obstacle to sustained sobriety is lack of a stable, drug-free living environment. A destructive living environment can derail anyone attempting to abstain from drug and alcohol use—it can even derail individuals who are highly motivated to maintain their sobriety. Sober living homes are residential homes that offer drug and alcohol-free environments where people in recovery can live before returning to their homes and responsibilities. In these homes, peers in recovery encourage and support each other as everyone becomes used to navigating the world sober. Individuals in recovery typically enter one of these facilities after completing an addiction treatment program or intensive outpatient program

Benefits of Sober Living Home

After completing treatment at an addiction recovery center, some may be at a loss as to what the next step on their journey to recovery should be. For many of those who struggle with substance abuse, the benefits of a period of time at a sober living facility are innumerable. A sober living facility can support a person during the essential transitional period that occurs between a structured rehab program and their return to their day-to-day lives. While the demands and responsibilities of one’s family and career are certain priorities, it is important to remember that it is essential to maintain recovery in order to achieve every other goal. A period of time at a sober living facility can provide clients with the tools they need to sustain their recovery after leaving a substance abuse treatment clinic.

Invaluable Support of Peers

Any client who has completed addiction treatment knows that one’s peers can be an invaluable system of support during recovery. One of the primary benefits of spending time in a sober living facility after graduation from an addiction recovery program is that the client continues to benefit from the support of peers who are facing similar challenges. Knowing that someone who understands your struggle is close at hand and undergoing their own journey to recovery can prove to be an essential component in retaining recovery. At a sober living facility, clients know that others who are also working to overcome addiction are always close at hand to provide their support.

Group Therapy Sessions

Upon graduation from an intensive inpatient or outpatient program at an addiction recovery clinic, a client is often presented with a plan for aftercare treatment. Frequently, this aftercare treatment plan will include an ongoing group therapy component. Group therapy is an invaluable support tool that allows people who are struggling with addiction to share their stories, wisdom, and triumph.  Clients at a sober living facility are able to take advantage of regular group sessions that take place on-site. These convenient and consistent group sessions can help an individual transition from the more rigid treatment schedule of the drug rehab center and adjust to attending group sessions while also taking part in activities and responsibilities off-site.

Can a Sober Living Homes Prevent Relapse?

For individuals who struggle with substance abuse, the first year of recovery can be the most challenging, with statistics indicating that up to three out of four people who enter recovery will relapse within the first year. Spending time in a sober living facility can help avoid this unfortunate eventuality in a number of ways. By providing an environment where illicit substances and alcohol are not permitted, the client can be assured that they can avoid temptation. Furthermore, a halfway home can provide a community of people in recovery who can help the client keep their recovery goals in mind as they navigate this sometimes difficult but completely essential transitional period in their personal recovery journey. The support that can be found at a sober living home can prove to be a key component in a client’s recovery journey.

Life After a Drug Rehab Center

You have a lot to be proud of when you’ve completed addiction treatment at a drug rehab center. However, it is important that a client does everything necessary to sustain recovery after leaving formal, structured treatment. The sober living homes at Riviera Recovery can offer you all the tools needed in order to overcome substance abuse once and for all.

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