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Why You Should Consider Men’s Sober Living

Men’s sober living can be one of the best decisions an individual makes in his recovery.

There has long been debate about what separates males and females. Today especially, more people than ever before are educating themselves about the differences between sex and gender and all that comes along with both. But when it comes to addiction treatment, is there really a need for gender-specific care? According to several studies, the short answer is ‘yes.’

For example, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that there are many polarities between men and women when it comes to the act of abusing drugs or alcohol. Men and women have shown that they respond to substance abuse differently than one another, while they also contrast in the types of obstacles they experience when looking for treatment. Not only that, but studies also show that men and women experience different types of trauma and substance abuse, as well as have gender-specific treatment needs.

So, if you have recently gotten sober and are looking for the perfect sober living home to continue your recovery in, should you consider moving into a co-ed sober living home? Or is it worth it to also explore what it might be like living in a gender-specific home? Regardless what your answer may be, ensuring that you have considered a men’s sober living home can help you make the best decision for your physical and psychological health.

Why You Should Consider Men’s Sober Living

If you have determined that sober living is the next right step in your recovery, then finding one that meets your needs is important. Not only do you want to be in a sober living home that supports the strides you have made in your recovery, but you also want to be in a home that keeps you focused on your end goal of living independently while in recovery. For many men, the ideal sober living situation is a men’s sober living home.

A gender-specific sober living home is an excellent option for anyone looking to sustain the progress they have made in treatment. That is because within this environment, individuals are receiving a more customized approach to recovery. The more specialized your treatment and recovery services can be, the more likely you are to be successful in abstaining from drug and alcohol abuse in the future. 

So, if you are looking for a sober living home, it is well worth it to consider a men’s sober living home for the following reasons:

  • Minimal distraction — For heterosexual males, men’s sober living has proven to be less of a distraction that co-ed sober living. It is not easy trying to recover in front of the opposite sex while still trying to make good impressions. There are days where individuals are vulnerable, upset, and generally overly-emotional, and trying to express those feelings with the opposite sex looking on can feel difficult. Additionally, when heterosexual men are in a gender-specific sober living home, they can keep from getting distracted by a crush or getting caught up in a relationship too soon in their recovery. 
  • More relatable roommates— There is no doubt that men and women can relate to one another on several different levels. But when it comes to something as impactful and as personal as addiction and recovery, studies have proven that healing among the same sex is more beneficial. One of the primary reasons for this is because men often share in similar experiences because of their sex. Examples of this includes men who have anger management problems or who have antisocial personality traits. These two issues are much more common in men than in women. Being in a men’s sober living home can help men share their stories, relate to one another, and heal together because of several commonalities. 
  • Avoiding loneliness — Drug and alcohol addiction is an extremely lonely disease, even after the active use ends. Many men struggle with their sense of ego well into the recovery stages, as well as other issues such as poor communication skills and low self-esteem. But in a sober living home, men can take note from one another regarding self-esteem issues and their egos in ways that bring them closer together. Being able to develop a support system with your roommates can provide you with the continued fuel you need for your journey.
  • More comfort — As mentioned before, gender-specific sober living homes are excellent options for those in recovery because it helps to reduce the influence of the opposite sex. In a men’s sober living home, individuals tend to be more comfortable being themselves. When someone is comfortable, they are less defensive, more relaxed and authentic, and typically more focused. This is a huge reason why men’s sober living is a viable option for men in recovery, as it allows them to remain focused on their true selves. 

If you choose a men’s sober living home to continue your recovery in, know that you are making a decision that has proven very beneficial for several men before you. At this moment in your life, it is imperative that you are focusing on yourself and your wellbeing so that you can keep your recovery on the forefront of your mind. Anything that could possibly distract from that process should be viewed as potentially threatening to your recovery and should be examined thoroughly. 

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