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COVID-19 Policy

Riviera Infection Protocol 

This is an unprecedented time that calls for unprecedented measures. However, based on recommendations by the government, the state, and the CDC, we feel that it is  our responsibility to closely follow what they are suggesting in order to ensure the safety of our clients. Our Palisades House is temporary closed, effectively immediately. The following protocols are in effect. 

New Admits

New admits will be limited and will be heavily screened. Before admit we will gather the following information 

Have you traveled to Asia or Europe since the winter of 2019?

Yes OR No

Have you or any family members been exposed to Coronavirus?

Yes OR No

Are you at risk of exposure to Coronavirus?

Yes OR No

Are you experiencing any shortness of breath, coughing, fever or any other symptoms of Coronavirus and/or flu?

Yes OR No

If yes to the previous question, have you been tested for the Coronavirus or are you willing to be tested?

Yes, No OR N/A

We will also require all new admits complete a COVID-19 test to be supplied by Riviera. No client is to be admitted without first receiving a negative test. 

Current Clients and Staff 

  • Current clients will not be taken anywhere offsite that is unnecessary or not considered vitally important to their treatment or health (i.e. a clinical appointment, a doctors appointment)
  • Clients will participate in online/virtual AA meetings
  • Clients will be required to maintain IOP attendance via virtual platforms and staff will monitor for attendance. 
  • Clients that are required to leave the home and go into a populated area must IMMEDIATELY wash clothes and take a shower upon returning home. Staff will wipe down all handles and surfaces the client comes into contact with. 
  • Clients with high risk jobs will be asked to take leave from their jobs.
  • The home is being cleaned and sanitized each day, with priority on frequently touched surfaces.
  • Staff have been asked to limit contact with other people/areas outside of work. They must immediately wash and sanitize hands upon arrival at work. 
  • Staff are subject to the same screening questions as clients listed above. 
  • If a staff members are aware that they have been exposed to COVID-19, they are required to report the information to Riviera owners and they will be asked to stay home
  • Any staff members showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent home immediately. 
  • Temperatures are taken at random to ensure no one has a fever, staff and client alike.

Quarantine Protocol 

In the event that a client displays symptoms, we will enact the following

  • Client will be taken to appropriate medical care and will follow instructions as directed by medical professionals
  • There will be an immediate disinfection of the home with appropriate wipes and cleaners, as directed by the CDC. 
  • The client will be placed in a single room and will not be allowed to other areas of the home for the duration of their symptoms. 
  • Other clients will not be allowed to enter that room. 
  • Other clients will also be placed under strict watch for symptoms. 
  • Clients may be asked to find a quarantine station away from the home. 
  • If symptoms become problematic, clients will be immediately escorted to a hospital to receive further treatment.