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Independent Living Skills Training In Los Angeles

Mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders can hinder young adults from learning and practicing vital independent living skills as they transition into adulthood. While some individuals can manage mental health disorders and live independently, others can struggle to find work, set goals, or manage finances.

Riviera Recovery’s independent living skills program is the perfect opportunity for young adults to focus on their mental health goals without distractions or negative outside factors, learn how to live independently, and establish life-long personal skills.

Our Independent Living Skills Program

Our mental health housing programs incorporate independent living skills training into their curriculum to help young men, women, and non-binary individuals prepare for living on their own and, most importantly, manage mental health disorders that can affect daily living activities. Residents have onsite and offsite support services and community resources that can regularly encourage them, celebrate their successes, and help them push through moments of crisis or stress.

It can be easy to slip back into old habits and revert to sedentary lifestyles if individuals don’t have the right coping skills and motivators. This is why our two gender-specific mental health housing facilities in Los Angeles were designed to be safe environments without distractions like alcohol, drugs, or unsupportive family members.

Independent Living Skills Training At The Barrington House

Located in West Los Angeles, our Barrington House is perfect for male-identifying or nonbinary clients who feel most comfortable in this home. Just a few miles from Santa Monica, residents are near 12-step meetings for SUDs, outpatient treatment through our clinical partnerships, the beach, and countless shops, restaurants, and parks.

Independent Living Skills Training At The McLaughlin House

 Located on the outskirts of Santa Monica, our McLaughlin House provides mental health housing to female-identifying and non-binary clients who feel most comfortable in this home. Residents are able to practice and establish interpersonal relationship skills and practical life skills they’ve learned from outpatient treatment or therapy.

Independent Living Skills Training in Mental Health Housing

Our mental health housing staff is dedicated to helping residents recover or learn various life skills, including

  • Self-Care & Personal Hygiene: Our housing programs can help individuals who may have lost or struggled to focus on personal care due to mental health issues. Some residents may have had previous trouble with remembering to shower or wash and wear clean clothes. Others may have struggled with substance abuse or medication side effects that made it hard to brush their teeth or wash their face before they went to sleep.
  • Cooking skills: Our mental health homes are equipped with high-end appliances, deep cabinets, various cooking utensils, and recipe books to help residents learn how to buy and plan easy and nutritious meals. Because the kitchen is shared, residents can make meals together and establish positive teamwork skills.
  • Setting Goals: Both of our homes provide residents with a comfortable environment where their mental health and goals are prioritized. Residents can set small goals, like preparing a new recipe or going for a run, and then work their way to bigger goals, like opening a bank account or applying to schools or jobs.
  • Maintaining A Clean Home: Residents at our programs are required to maintain a clean living space, helping them learn how to pick up after themselves, manage chores, and feel satisfied and comfortable living in a clean and tidy sanctuary. This will also help them learn how to come together with others to delegate household responsibilities and establish lasting interpersonal skills.
  • Budgeting: Individuals with mental health issues can struggle to plan or maintain a budget. Our living skills training program will help residents learn how to organize their expenses, dictate necessary purchases, and redeem financial control skills that may have been lost to addiction or mental health crises.
  • Interpersonal skills: Individuals with mental health issues may have lost key relationship skills such as listening, expressing emotions, and communicating clearly. Our housing programs are occupied by multiple residents who can work together and learn how to interact with others in healthy and positive ways while learning how to identify and cope with triggers in social situations.
  • Time management: Mental health disorders and substance abuse can impact a person’s ability to focus on themselves and set the time to take care of responsibilities. Individuals in our mental health housing program will learn organizational skills so they can plan their days, delegating time for therapy appointments, classes, or grocery shopping.
  • School & Education: While at our facilities, clients are encouraged to look into employment, school, or vocational skills to prepare for independent living. Residents can work on applications or resumes together, practice going to interviews, or share job openings. Both of our housing facilities are near universities, trade schools, countless retail stores, shopping malls, and restaurants where residents can work or learn beneficial life skills.

Contact Riviera Recovery

If you or someone you know could benefit from our independent living skills program, contact Riviera Recovery. Our Los Angeles mental health housing facilities are the perfect place to focus on your mental health and concentrate on establishing healthy daily living activities. Many of our clients attend outpatient treatment programs, and our staff can provide transport to and from 12-step meetings, grocery stores, and clinical appointments. Call today to learn how our housing facilities can help you learn and practice independent living skills in a safe, caring, and supportive environment.