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Women’s Dual Diagnosis & Sober Living in Los Angles, CA

Transitional living arrangements provide an important way to manage a person’s mental health. However, many feel more at ease when living in a gender-specific home. Fortunately, mental health housing in California for women offers a place to thrive and heal.

At Riviera Recovery of Los Angeles, our residents enjoy a sense of comfort when living with other women. As a result, they become stronger in their recovery from mental illness. Not to mention, many of the bonds last after residents move out. Thus, we provide a high level of structure that allows clients to improve their mental health. We also believe in gender affirming care, ensuring that each one of our clients receives the help and support that they deserve.

Why Stay in Mental Health Housing in California?

Many women don’t feel ready to return home after initial treatment for mental health. Additionally, this applies to those who also have a dual diagnosis of mental illness and a co-occurring addiction to drugs or alcohol. On the other hand, some women need mental health housing as the first step in treatment.

With this in mind, we created a loving, safe place to live while women work on their mental health. However, many women may not know where to turn, being aware of mental health housing options and not considering them as an option. As a result, they may not consider mental health housing. While many of our programs are known for treating addiction, they also can treat mental illness. These include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Borderline personality disorder

Mental health housing can be used as a step-down from residential treatment. Alternatively, it can provide a safe place for someone who needs time to find a healthy, long-term living situation, providing temporary housing while they make other plans. Our housing staff can offer to help you look for a permanent place to live, find a job, or enroll in school.

Benefits of Women’s Mental Health Housing in California

Riviera Recovery’s gender-specific mental health housing meets the unique needs and concerns of women. In all honesty, men and women don’t handle recovery and treatment the same. Thus, they need different types of support.

What is more, Riviera Recovery believes in the power of sisterhood. Thus, we make it a goal to provide a healing living space for women. This strong sense of community leads to many short and long-term benefits for women. They will have the chance to share in group counseling sessions with others who share a similar viewpoint.

Every woman is unique. Having said that, our female residents tend to have things in common. For example, this includes similar values and goals.

In turn, they often openly discuss fears and past experiences. Doing so with peers who have faced similar struggles helps them to grow. The entire group becomes stronger as a result.

Additionally, group outings are an integral part of transitional living. Here, women will be able to explore the Los Angeles area. In contrast to its image, LA has a lot of healthy ways for women to enjoy their time out.

Residents often stay in touch with each other after they leave the home. Because of this, many become friends for life. All in all, this provides a bond that helps them stay on track.

What is Women’s Mental Health Housing in California Like?

Riviera Recovery provides several valuable options. First, we offer amenities in order to make everyone feel cared for and comfortable. Second, we make sure our residents have access to fun, sober outings.

Treatment sessions prove important. However, they don’t have to be done at the expense of fun and relaxing downtime. Third, we provide access to world-class mental health treatment. This includes options like individual, group, and holistic therapy.

This helps women connect with nearby therapists and recovery centers. As well, women can attend support groups geared to their specific issues. This can include 12-Step groups for addiction.

We want our residents to feel safe, secure, and happy. With this in mind, we take pride in offering a house that feels like a real home. Consequently, women feel more empowered. They also feel better able to focus on their mental health treatment.

We offer the following amenities at our house for women:

  • An outdoor pool
  • Semi-private bathrooms
  • Private and semi-private bedrooms
  • A pet-friendly environment
  • Spacious living areas 
  • Transportation services to clinical programs
  • Laundry facilities
  • A fully-equipped kitchen 
  • An outdoor patio
  • Access to computers and internet
  • Social activities (outings, yoga, meditation)
  • Comfortable beds and bedding

What to Look For in a Women’s Mental Health Home

When seeking out women’s mental health housing in California, it’s best to look for specific things. Each provides a piece of the puzzle. Together, they result in top-notch residential mental health treatment.

Things to look for include:


The home should enforce house rules. These include a strict curfew and chore chart. A curfew helps everyone remain accountable. Additionally, everyone helps with the housework. This also helps people stay responsible, as women want to live in a clean home that runs smoothly.


Transitional living environments help prepare a person to move back into the real world. This being said, these homes should offer career and education services. This includes skills training as well as help finding a job. Lastly, they should also provide options for mental health treatment.


Riviera Recovery creates a sense of community. We help do this by encouraging our residents to explore the nearby area together. With easy access to all Los Angeles has to offer, our residents can enjoy fun outings.


Not all mental health housing facilities are gender-specific. Before selecting one, ask if they offer female identifying or female only housing.

Individual Attention

At the end of the day, each woman is a unique and capable person. For this reason, we treat her like the special person she is. The staff should be caring and work individually with residents. This ensures they are finding the balance and focus needed to meet their recovery goals.

Mental Health Housing in California for Women

If you or a loved one are suffering from mental health issues, Riviera Recovery in Los Angeles can help. Not only do we treat mental illness, but we also treat drug and alcohol addiction. Our mental health housing in California offers a safe place for women to live. Here, women can recover effectively in an environment conducive to healing. Additionally, many women thrive in homes with other women. During your stay we provide access to professional treatment in order to encourage lasting recovery. In addition, the friendships you form in our home help you stay strong throughout the recovery process. Take charge of your mental health recovery process once and for all. Visit our admissions page today, and take the first steps in your journey to lasting wellness.

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