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Los Angeles Sober Living

Our Los Angeles Sober Living Homes

Recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol takes perseverance. Indeed, initial treatment is important, but more support is needed after the program is completed. That is where our Los Angeles sober living comes in. Sober living gives those in recovery the opportunity to strengthen their sobriety. Because of this, they learn how to stay sober for life.

Barrington House

Barrington House is located in West Los Angeles. This gender-specific home welcomes male-identifying clients. Additionally, it is located near shops, parks, and employers. Men learn to give and receive support in a safe environment. Then, they take what they learn back home with them.

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McLaughlin House

McLaughlin House is located in a tranquil area on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Additionally, this gender-specific home welcomes female-identifying clients. Women, in fact, feel safe living with each other. What’s more, they take what they learn back to their lives at home.

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What are Sober Living Homes?

Addiction is a disease that requires more than 1 level of treatment. Someone may not feel fully prepared to return home after completing initial treatment, benefiting from Los Angeles sober living. Fortunately, sober living homes provide a 100% drug and alcohol-free place for people in recovery to live together.

Unfortunately, some people do not have a safe place to go after initial treatment ends, using sober living to strengthen their recovery and prevent future chances of relapse.

Sober living homes provide structure without being as limiting as inpatient treatment. Residents can come and go, which provides a sense of freedom and benefit from living with others focused on staying sober. Sober living homes usually offer access to outpatient addiction treatment as well.

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What to Expect at a Los Angeles Sober Living

Los Angeles sober living offers a combination of things. Benefits include the freedom of living in a non-toxic home environment, living with others with the same goal, and following rules to keep all residents safe and on track, enjoying their independence and sobriety.

These include: 

  • No therapists, counselors, or other addiction specialists live in the sober living homes. Formal, off-site outpatient treatment services are available.
  • All residents should be and stay sober.
  • Residents should be prepared to pay for rent and groceries.
  • Individuals are expected to complete some household chores.
  • Weekly mentor meetings.
  • Visitors may have to be cleared with the facility or roommates first.
  • Residents of a sober living home will have a curfew.
  • Urinalysis and BAC monitoring.

We offer a variety of services to all residents. As a result, they additionally feel more at home. For example, some of our luxury amenities include: 

  • Pet-friendly homes
  • Gender-specific housing
  • Outdoor pool (McLaughlin House)
  • Laundry facilities
  • Computer and internet access
  • Fully-accessible kitchen
  • High-quality bedding
  • Comfortable mattresses
  • Game tables such as ping-pong (Barrington House)
  • Transportation services
  • Modern fixtures
  • Experiential activities (yoga, meditation)
  • Cozy common spaces
  • Weekly social activities

Our houses are near local support groups, employment opportunities, and local colleges, allowing individuals to ease their way back into work and school.

Benefits of Los Angeles Sober Living

Many benefits come from enjoying Los Angeles sober living. Some of the benefits include:

    • Safe environment— Many people who are new to recovery do not have a home or safe place to go when their treatment is over. Because of this, sober living can be lifesaving. Fortunately, they can avoid toxic home lives and relationships.
    • Constant support— When in a sober living home,  people don’t feel alone. Instead, they live with others who share the same goal of staying sober. As a result, roommates become a source of support. As a matter of fact, many friendships formed in sober living last a lifetime as well.
    • Sense of independence— Residents can gain a strong sense of independence as they establish their own schedules. Moreover, they learn to balance recreational time, therapy, career, and more. Lastly, they can grocery shop, work out, as well as enjoy social events.
    • Continued treatmentGoing to outpatient treatment additionally helps build on lessons learned in previous treatment.
    • Reducing the risk of relapse Studies show a link between the length of time in treatment and how long someone stays sober.

Sober Living vs. Halfway Houses           

First and foremost, people often confuse sober living homes and halfway houses. They are indeed similar in some ways but also have definite differences. First of all, treatment facilities or recovery programs typically run sober living homes.

On the contrary, halfway houses are usually government-run and funded. Therefore, for this reason, many people in halfway houses have just finished serving jail time or probation. Finally, sober living homes are more likely to have residents who are coming out of a treatment program.

To continue, sober living homes have more of a structure than halfway houses. This includes house rules and curfews. Many halfway houses have no real rules. Third, halfway houses can easily get crowded. In contrast, sober living homes provide residents with ample space.

Last, many halfway houses offer no therapy or other types of support. Despite this, Los Angeles sober living homes provide access to many types of therapy. They focus on helping residents get sober and stay that way. 

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Gender-Specific Sober Living Homes in Los Angeles

People new to recovery often feel vulnerable and unsure. Consequently, gender-specific sober living homes can be the right place for them. Our Los Angeles sober living homes provide residences that feel non-threatening and welcoming. Many people prefer not to share bathrooms with a different gender. Additionally, they may not be comfortable living with them in general.

Many women in recovery from addiction have had traumatic experiences at the hands of men. For example, this includes sexual assault, physical violence, and emotional abuse. While the men living in the sober home may pose no threat to the women, women who are working through their male-related trauma may still feel uncomfortable. Consequently, they may be at a higher risk of relapsing if they don’t feel secure.

Additionally, gender-specific sober living homes help to prevent distraction by members of both sexes. Those who are self-identified straight can lose their focus around members of the opposite sex. Plus, it is recommended that those in recovery avoid new romantic and sexual relationships for the first year of their sobriety.


Why Choose a Sober Living in Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles area proves popular among both residents and tourists. To tell the truth, it’s also a popular place to enjoy sober living. LA offers easy access to beaches, the mountains, and other outdoor activities. The year-round warm weather makes for a nice change for out-of-towners. As well, the city hosts world-famous restaurants, museums, and performing arts venues.

In addition, LA is home to lots of support group meetings. They can be found all hours of the day, 7 days a week. Our sober living homes provide access to many meetings, including 12-Step focused ones. Moreover, residents can discover how much fun any activity can still be while sober.

Sober Living with Riviera Recovery

Riviera Recovery offers gender-specific sober living houses. Our Los Angeles sober living homes help you transition out of formal treatment. They are the perfect place to get used to your newfound sobriety. As a result, you keep your recovery on track.

We offer luxurious amenities and convenient services to our residents. In addition, we treat both addiction and mental health issues. To learn more, visit our admissions page today.

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