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  • After several stabs at getting sober, I knew something had to change. I had never before considered sober living, but I knew I had to place myself in a safe, accountable environment, far from negative distractions, and find a new way to live. Riviera provided everything I could have asked for. I came from the East Coast, seeking a place to rediscover myself and unearth new passions and, with the help of the staff and the community at Riviera Recovery, I slowly carved a new, wonderful, sober life for myself. From the safety of Riviera’s walls, I ventured out, tried new things (surfing!), made new friends and, ultimately, re-entered society a happy, whole person again. I couldn’t be more grateful for Riviera Recovery, its kind and caring staff, and my fellow residents.

  • Less than a day after I left rehab, I walked into Riviera Recovery. I was scared, broken, anxious, and ashamed. The very next day, I felt like I could be myself again. During my time at Riviera Recovery, I went through a lot in my life, things that were beyond my control. A friend of mine that I had met several years earlier passed away from from the terrible disease of addiction. If it hadn’t been for the the help of the staff of Riviera Recovery, I don’t know how I would’ve coped with the loss of a dear one. It was because of Paul, Jose and Riviera that I was able to work through any obstacles that I faced. Each day that I spent there, I learned more and more the importance of maintaining sobriety and all the good that comes with it. I have learned that life isn’t always easy, but one thing I have learned as a result of the 3 months that I spent at Riviera is that I can overcome anything no matter how difficult or painful it is. I will be forever grateful to Jose, Paul and the Riviera Recovery for giving me another chance at recovery and another chance at life.

    Nikki N.
  • Prior to coming to Riviera Recovery, I had been in nine treatment facilities and never managed to stay sober. In fact, many times I would relapse the day I checked out of treatment. While at Riviera Recovery I changed everything. I learned how to live, how to have fun. I traveled, I met really cool people, my eating habits changed, I quit smoking, started exercising, doing yoga, swimming in the ocean, etc., etc.The greatest thing about being at Riviera Recovery was working with Khalil. He went to court appearances with me and helped me repair the damage I caused with my family, whom I had been estranged from. I will be celebrating two years clean and sober next month and am living with my three beautiful children. None of this could have ever happened without Khalil.

  • I spent four months at Promises Treatment Center in Malibu, CA starting January 2009, prior to moving to Riviera Recovery in April 2009, where I eventually lived for twelve months due to the extremely positive experiences I was exposed to. Khalil introduced me to many new and rewarding challenges, including but not limited to, daily yoga sessions, a new and healthy diet regime, enlightening reading materials and of course plenty of local support meetings. I believe that being from the area, Khalil offers a more personal approach to each of us living at Riviera Recovery. He has the ability to connect each person with the best-suited plan for them. Khalil and I were able to travel together on some great trips and it was always a good thing to know he was there for me. I know that if it was not for him and his recovery center I would not be as happy and most importantly, sober, as I am today. Even upon moving out a few months ago I feel just as welcome as ever at my second home. I often make weekly visits to the house, whether, for yoga, surfing or a sauna session, Riviera Recovery always makes me feel at home. I highly recommend any persons to be a part of Riviera Recovery. Without them, I would not have overcome the hurdles I faced, and would not be ready to face the hardships ahead


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