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Transitional Living Centers in West Los Angeles

Our transitional living centers, located in the heart of West Los Angeles, are the cornerstone of transitioning from treatment centers to everyday life. Located just miles from the tranquil beach and in the bustling city, the centers offer a balanced and supportive environment. With services that encourage accountability, promote growth, establish social relationships, and gain practical skills, individuals who live in our centers benefit greatly.

We currently have three transitional living centers: The Barrington House, the McLaughlin House, and the newest addition, the Granville House.

Why We Offer Transitional Living Centers

After undergoing mental health or addiction treatment services, many individuals may not be ready to return to normal life. Some individuals may be exposed to drugs, triggering situations, or people that may lead them back into dangerous habits when adjusting back to their previous lifestyle. This is where staying at a transitional living center comes in handy. Transitional living centers provide a stepping stone back into society, offering a near-normal lifestyle where individuals can receive employment, readjust to daily life, and connect with peers.

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs in 2010, the average amount of time spent in a transitional living center was 166 to 254 days. This reinforces the notion that the longer an individual stays in treatment, the better their chances of recovery.

Benefits of Transitional Living Centers

Transitional living centers, specifically for mental health, are vital to creating a supportive environment for those recently receiving treatment. Transitional housing bridges treatment centers and independent living, giving individuals a stable living situation, supportive services, and valuable skill building. Staying at a transitional living center in West Los Angeles has many benefits. The biggest benefits include:

  • Continuity of Care: As individuals transition from inpatient or outpatient treatment programs, they may need a continuation of care. This is an important aspect of transitional living centers, as their primary purpose is to serve as the place of transition. The continuity of care is crucial for reducing readmission rates and improving overall mental well-being.
  • Peer & Community Support: A large part of being in transitional housing is peer and community support. By living with peers who are experiencing similar issues, individuals can connect with them, creating a sense of belonging. This kind of supportive housing allows individuals to express themselves freely, integrate into the community, and create their new life.
  • Skill Building: Many transitional living centers offer skill-building programs tailored to the client’s specific needs. At Riviera Recovery, we focus on building transferable life skills, including resume building and navigating applications to education, to ensure a smooth transition into society. These skills typically focus on things the individual may have missed out on while struggling with their mental health, such as knowing how to navigate job interviews and other similar skills.
  • Housing Stability: Transitional living centers provide stable housing to those in mental health recovery. The risk of homelessness and relapse reduces by providing a secure, safe, and stable living environment. This stability has also been shown to help individuals manage their symptoms, improve their social functioning, and increase their quality of life.
  • Reduced Relapse Rates: With all of the benefits mentioned above, the relapse rate reduces among individuals. Utilizing transitional housing is a great way to prevent future care by reducing the risk of hospitalizations and relapse.

These benefits, and more, are provided through the transitional living centers at Riviera Recovery. Our transitional living centers, which include the Barrington House, the McLaughlin House, and the new Granville House, are part of our transitional housing program to treat those with mental health conditions.

Experience Our Luxury Transitional Living Centers

Often times when we think of transitional living centers, we may think of cramped halfway houses or less-than-ideal sober living homes. At Riviera Recovery, this is not the case. We provide luxury transitional living centers to our residents, divided into men’s and women’s homes. With these luxury homes, we are able to provide the best experience for those wanting to transition from treatment to normal life. Currently, we have three transitional living centers available to our clients. These are the Barrington House, the McLaughlin House, and the Granville House.

Barrington House

The Barrington House, located just outside of Westdale, Los Angeles, is our men’s transitional living center. The residents of our Barrington home have access to many services and amenities, including healing activities and skill-building.

The Barrington House is an inviting 5-bedroom and 4-bathroom home stretching over 3,500 square feet to provide enough room for all of our residents. The kitchen boasts top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances with quartz countertops, offering a luxurious cooking experience for all residents. The kitchen leads out into the secluded backyard with an outdoor deck lounge perfect for connecting with peers and social gatherings. With a spacious living room and dining room, residents will have plenty of room to attend weekly mentor and nutritionist meetings.

McLaughlin House

The McLaughlin House, located just on the outskirts of Santa Monica in Mar Vista, Los Angeles, is our women’s transitional living center. Residents living in the McLaughlin House receive a balance of the busy city and the tranquility of the beach, providing the perfect place to transition into their new life.

The McLaughlin House is an open, modern home spanning almost 2,000 square feet. The spacious living room and dining area are drenched in natural sunlight, offering the ideal place for residents to hold their weekly meetings. The kitchen, equipped with new stainless steel appliances, is adjacent to the living room and is large enough to host dinners with their peers. Leading out from the living room is the private and grassy backyard that boasts a large outdoor deck and pool, encouraging social gatherings and exercise. With 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, the McLaughlin House offers semi-private living while transitioning and readjusting to a new lifestyle.

Granville House

The newest addition to our transitional living centers, the Granville House, is located just south of Sawtelle, in the heart of West Los Angeles. This European style home features many amenities and is close to parks, shopping, and dining.

This 5-bedroom and 5-bathroom home expands over 3,300 square feet, ensuring plenty of room for our residents. The open living room holds a fireplace, an excellent place for residents to relax or attend meetings. As you continue through the home, you will find the large kitchen with new appliances and an inviting dining room. This area is ideal for residents to connect with their peers over breakfast, lunch, or dinner. While the bedrooms and bathrooms offer a luxurious experience with new furniture and relaxing jet showers, the backyard offers a space like no other. With a secluded backyard, the Granville home opens into a back deck with a grassy area, a large pool, a jacuzzi, and a water fountain. If you are looking for a luxurious transitional living center, look no further than the Granville House.

Begin Your Transition Today with Riviera Recovery

At Riviera Recovery, our mission is to assist individuals in rebuilding their lives while surrounded by supportive and like-minded peers. Providing luxury transitional living centers gives individuals a chance to restart their life. Each center offers life skill building, healing activities, weekly meetings, and more to ensure a smooth transition. If you or a loved one are struggling with mental health issues or needing help adjusting to life, contact us today to learn more about our centers.