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Women’s Mental Health Housing In Los Angeles

Women’s Mental Health Transitional Living In Los Angeles

Our mental health transitional living for female identifying clients is located in West Los Angeles on the outskirts of beautiful Santa Monica. A short walk to bustling restaurants, shopping, attractions, and being close to the beach, our Granville House offers a balance between a bustling city life and a tranquil setting to heal from mental health issues.  Our women’s mental health housing near Santa Monica is a structured environment to ensure accountability, promote growth, and provide guidance. Here, clients are able to establish interpersonal relationships and put practical skills to use that they may have learned in a residential setting and are encouraged to partake in new activities, hobbies, and attend school or work.

With an emphasis on mental health support, we provide a safe place for clients looking to heal from trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, or other mental health concerns.

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Services Available at Women’s Mental Health Housing in Los Angeles

At the Granville House, our female identifying clients are encouraged to develop themselves and choose the treatment path that works best for them. Riviera Recovery provides transportation to appointments, school, therapy sessions, and other mental health related activities. Our experienced team provides the necessary guidance to support successful recovery from mental health issues by incorporating our luxury setting with continued clinical partnerships. Riviera has partnered with multiple providers in the area so clients are able to partake in continued therapy and medication management as they transition back into daily life.

We believe mental health issues affect the mind, body, and spirit and the best way to heal is to create independence in a structured environment with the help of life skill integration and guidance for daily living.  We help clients build confidence and gain real world experience, while knowing they have the safety net of a supportive home environment. We also incorporate nutrition guidance and a food management system to help individuals learn to create balanced meals.

The Granville House located in Los Angeles near Santa Monica offers many of the same services as the Barrington house, with the exception that the program is not primarily 12-step based. Instead, we encourage our clients to attend CODA meetings, SLA groups, ED Support groups, LGBTQ support groups, adult children of alcoholics, al anon, NAMI groups, and more.

Granville House Services

  • Phase system
  • Sponsor contacts (if applicable)
  • Life skills development
  • Staff available 24/7 as needed
  • Clinical oversight by an MFT
  • Active participation in house activities
  • Transportation to and from recovery meetings and clincial appointments
  • Nutritionist referrals
  • Weekly mentor meetings
  • Referrals to outpatient programs
  • Randomized breathalyzer testing
  • Near local universities
  • Mandatory weekly in-house meetings
  • Required attendance at meetings
  • Food management system
  • Nightly check-in
  • Random drug testing
  • Weekly social activities
  • Assigned staff member for weekly case management
  • Weekly updates to clinical team members and families

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    What to Consider When Choosing Mental Health Housing

    Mental health housing offers continued recovery in an environment that is both comfortable and encouraging. You will be spending a lot of time there, so you must pick a home that fits your needs and makes sense for your particular situation. When selecting the best-suited home for you, there are some key characteristics to keep in mind:

    • Location. When looking for mental health housing, you want to make sure it is in an area that feels safe to walk around in. Also, take into consideration the home’s proximity to restaurants and entertainment.
    • Reputation. When people love a place they write raving reviews, but if they have bad experiences somewhere, they are also quick to leave a review. Read them. The best way to get an idea about a home is by considering the thoughts of previous residents.
    • Resources. Access to therapies, societal integration, and career help are all great tools in maintaining sobriety. Many homes offer these resources, so you can get your life on track and keep it that way.
    • Community. It is important to consider access to meetings and other means of support when selecting mental health housing. Certain areas offer a variety of support meetings, even at odd hours.

    The Mental Health Recovery Community

    For many individuals struggling with mental health disorders, it’s hard to imagine enjoying activities or events they would have previously felt overwhelmed or uncomfortable. But once they get a taste of adventure, they soon realize how much more fun it is to have these experiences with a new outlook on life.

    Santa Monica is a beautiful place that offers plenty of opportunities for individuals seeking mental health support. It’s a popular destination for those looking to connect with like-minded individuals who are also on a path to mental wellness. Building relationships and a community with other individuals who are also working towards better mental health can provide a sense of accountability and support.

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Santa Monica for lots of smiles and plentiful memories:

    • The Santa Monica Film Festival. Being in Santa Monica during their annual film festival is quite a treat. Each year people flock from all over the world to see a collection of new screenings from the Santa Monica Film Center.
    • The Santa Monica Pier. For an afternoon of adrenaline and bliss, this ocean pier is a great place to chow down on delicious street food and ride loopy roller coasters. Just remember it’s probably a better idea to eat after you ride.
    • The Third Street Promenade. Ready for an afternoon of shopping? If yes, the Third Street Promenade is the place to visit. If not, that’s okay. The stores are great, but the people-watching is even better.
    • The Palisades Park. There are few things more peaceful than the ocean. Take in the sound of soothing waves and the view of pristine waters at this gorgeous 26.4-acre park.
    • McCabe’s Guitar Shop. This iconic store is a haven for music lovers. Look around, try out a guitar, and absorb the nostalgic ambiance.
    • Bergamot Station Arts Center. From museums to galleries to concert and performance spaces—the Bergamot Stations Arts Center is a celebration of culture and creation. With many rotating events and exhibits, Bergamot never disappoints.

    Benefits of Women’s Mental Health Housing in Los Angeles

    Santa Monica has a flourishing mental health community that provides a wealth of resources and support for individuals prioritizing their path toward wellness. Particular upsides to mental health housing in Santa Monica include:

    • Improved mental health: Mental health housing allows residents to focus on their specific needs, and walk away from treatment feeling confident in their ability to tackle anything.
    • Better relationships: Living in a community with other individuals who are also working towards mental health recovery can help individuals build meaningful relationships and a sense of community. This can help individuals develop better communication skills and form stronger relationships with their friends and family.
    • Financial stability: By providing affordable housing and support systems, individuals can focus on their recovery without worrying about financial stressors. This can help individuals build a stable foundation for their future and work towards achieving financial stability.
    • Physical health improves: Mental health housing often includes access to healthy food options and amenities such as gyms and exercise facilities, which can help individuals develop healthy habits and improve their physical health.
    • Reduced relapse rate: By providing a supportive and structured environment, individuals can focus on their mental health recovery and develop healthy coping mechanisms. This can help reduce the risk of addictive behaviors and support long-term recovery.

    Find Women’s Mental Health Housing Near Los Angeles Today

    At Riviera Recovery, our mental health housing in Santa Monica can help individuals reclaim the life they deserve while integrating back to the real world surrounded by structure and support. Riviera Recovery’s prime location as well as it’s reputation for helping young people recover makes our mental health housing a clear choice for those who are changing their lives for the better. If you’re struggling with mental health issues and are looking for help, contact us today to learn more about our admissions process.