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Clinical Partnerships

Residential Treatment Options & Clinical Partnerships For Our Community Members

Whether you are looking for mental health housing, sober living, outpatient treatment or residential substance abuse and mental health treatment in Los Angeles, Riviera Recovery can help provide you with the proper care needed in order to recover. We offer structured mental health housing and have outpatient and treatment options for those who may need a higher level of care. While recovery is unique to each individual that walks through the doors of Riviera Recovery in West LA, every client could use clinical support in some capacity. Like yin and yang, mental health hosing and intensive outpatient programs work together to create a complete recovery plan. Housing helps with changing habits within the environment, clinical helps with changing habits within the mind. That is why we are partnered with several treatment programs around LA.

Our partnered programs offer the following services:

  • PHP or partial hospitalization program, for those that need a little more structure in their day.
  • IOP or intensive outpatient program, for those that are able to work or go to school, but need extra support.
  • OP or outpatient therapy, for those that are firm in their recovery journey, but need weekly check-ins to keep them on track.

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Our Clinical Partnerships

Riviera Recovery is proud to be partnered with addiction treatment centers and detox programs such as Launch Centers and MD Home Detox, both operating in the Los Angeles area. These treatment centers focus on various aspects of addiction. Launch Centers focuses on mental health and addiction services to empower young adults by building essential life skills and offering various therapy options. MD Home Detox focuses on providing medical detox safely to individuals in their homes and providing support to individuals’ long-term sobriety goals.

Launch Centers

Launch Centers is committed to assisting young adults in finding their path to success by providing them with the necessary tools and coping skills. Our experienced treatment team works with each individual client to create a personalized treatment plan that covers therapy, career development, and education. We meet our clients where they are, help them set new goals, and guide them toward achieving those goals. Our treatment center is known for its innovative programs and compassionate staff, making it a top choice for mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Launch Centers believes in the transformative power of nurturing new behaviors tailored to each individual’s unique needs, talents, and aspirations. To accomplish these, some of the services offered at Launch Centers include:

MD Home Detox

At MD Home Detox, our professional medical staff and clinical team bring individualized services to the safety and comfort of your home to ensure you begin the path to a lasting recovery.

Detoxing at home with MD Home Detox is beneficial for someone who is concerned with confidentiality and wants to be supervised by a medical team in the safety of his or her home. Having this kind of service takes place in the home allows your extended clinical team to understand your circumstances and design a roadmap to best fit your recovery. Our clients are often most comfortable at home, and so they find that detoxification at home is less stressful than it would be in an inpatient facility. On top of at-home detox services, MD Home Detox also offers these services:

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    Experiential & Holistic Treatment Options & Therapies

    Riviera Recovery draws upon a number of treatment modalities to assist those who are beginning to bridge the gap from addiction and mental health issues to recovery. From Holistic Therapies to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Experiential Activities, each approach gives individuals a chance to process feelings, emotions, and mental health disorders without the use of drugs or alcohol in a safe and structured environment.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    CBT is a short-term therapy that teaches the individual in recovery how to change the way they respond to certain situations where maladaptive behaviors, such as substance use disorder have resulted. CBT helps the individual be proactive in recognizing triggers that could prompt relapse and to access new coping skills and healthy behavioral responses learned in CBT to fortify recovery.

    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

    Similar to CBT, DBT identifies the active connection between accepting the need to change self-destructive behaviors and working on making those positive changes in one’s life. DBT helps treat the compulsive behavioral patterns of self-harm with incremental, practical techniques. The four basic tenets of DBT include mindfulness, interpersonal relations, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance.

    Contingency Management (CM)

    CM is a treatment approach that uses rewards to reinforce the new positive behaviors. Incentives used in CM can include vouchers that have monetary value and can be used to purchase certain privileges or activities that are consistent with a sober lifestyle. CM may involve cash prizes awarded over the course of the treatment program when certain benchmarks are met, such as three consecutive negative drug or alcohol tests, for example.

    Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)

    MET seeks to evoke a patient-driven motivation to change self-destructive behaviors. MET involves internally motivated change based on the initial assessment session with a therapist using motivational interviewing principles. The individual devises a plan to make positive life changes, and in subsequent sessions the therapist monitors the changes and encourages them to continue toward their self- defined goals.

    Residential Treatment Options

    Riviera Recovery offers residential treatment options to provide a transitional living space for individuals suffering from mental health issues and substance abuse. These mental health housing options are separated by gender, with one being focused on men’s mental health housing and the other being focused on women’s mental health housing. We also offer independent living programs to assist individuals who want to live solo but may need assistance adjusting. These treatment programs may offer one-on-one mentoring, cognitive behavioral therapy, gender-affirming care, or life skills training to help individuals process feelings, emotions, and mental health disorders without the use of drugs or alcohol in a safe and structured environment.

    Men’s Mental Health Housing

    Coping with mental health challenges can be a difficult and often isolating experience. One of the primary challenges men face when striving for a healthier life is establishing supportive relationships and reintegrating into society after receiving treatment. To address this, Riviera Recovery has established a men’s mental health housing program.

    In this housing program, male participants can connect with others who have encountered similar challenges, enabling them to form friendships and establish crucial support networks early in their recovery journey. If men are searching for a secure environment to continue their progress and cultivate healthy habits following rehabilitation, Riviera Recovery’s men’s mental health housing program, known as the Barrington House, is an excellent option. Situated in the scenic West Los Angeles area, it offers breathtaking views and luxurious amenities. Located just a short distance from the beautiful Santa Monica and nearby attractions, our Barrington home provides residents with the opportunity to explore new interests, nurture hobbies, and engage with a vibrant recovery community in a safe and structured setting.

    Women’s Mental Health Housing

    At Riviera Recovery, our female residents benefit from dedicated mental health housing options for women that offer a supportive environment for healing and personal growth. This is why we offer our women’s mental health housing program. We prioritize providing a structured setting that aids clients in improving their mental well-being.

    Our mental health transitional living for female-identifying clients is conveniently located in West Los Angeles, near the beautiful Santa Monica area. This strategic location offers a balance between the vibrant city life and a serene setting conducive to healing from mental health challenges. The McLaughlin House offers a structured environment that promotes accountability, personal growth, and guidance. Here, clients have the opportunity to build interpersonal relationships, apply practical skills acquired in residential settings, and engage in new activities, hobbies, or educational and professional pursuits.

    Independent Living Program

    At Riviera Recovery, we understand that genuine wellness is a gradual process, often disturbed by distractions, negative emotions, and overwhelming feelings. Our two distinct independent living programs in Los Angeles are not solely focused on addressing past behaviors or identifying triggers. Rather, they have been designed to empower young adults to cultivate new and healthy lifestyle changes that support their recovery journey and boost their confidence in their abilities.

    We offer two independent living programs that cater to men, women, and non-binary young adults. Our Independent Living Program aims to assist individuals residing in our Los Angeles homes in setting and attaining achievable goals, which include:

    • Positive mental health support
    • Developing lifelong independent living skills
    • Pursuing personal hobbies and passions

    While Riviera Recovery offers these residential treatment options, we are partnered with other treatment centers in the Los Angeles area to expand our client’s services. Our clients may transition to Riviera from one of these centers after completing more intensive treatment options.