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Independent Step-Down Housing In Los Angeles

Independent Step-Down Housing | The McLaughlin House

Riviera Recovery is proud to provide comprehensive Independent Living Programs to young adults who are struggling with mental health disorders, substance abuse, and co-occurring disorders. With an emphasis on mental health support, we provide a safe place for clients looking to heal from trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, or other mental health concerns.

At Riviera Recovery, we believe that true wellness isn’t achieved overnight, and the path to recovery can be riddled with distractions, negative feelings, and overwhelming emotions. Our three independent living programs in Los Angeles aren’t only focused on correcting old behaviors or recognizing triggers. They were each carefully designed and curated to help young adults create new and healthy lifestyle changes that support their recovery goals so they can feel confident in their skills and journey. We offer three independent living programs for men, women, and non-binary young adults.

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Benefits Of Independent Living In Los Angeles

  • Stable & Sober Environment: Many people who live at our Independent Living Programs come from difficult living conditions, where they may face harmful cycles. However, in our program, residents get a safe and distraction-free space to focus on self-improvement. Residents are provided with private or semi-private rooms, internet, grocery allowances, and essential and luxury amenities.


  • Time For Structured Healing: One of the most significant advantages of Independent Living Programs is the time people have to continue healing. Rushing into adulthood or regular life after mental health or addiction treatment without proper preparation can lead to challenges, setbacks, and relapse. Having this time to sort things out, focus on yourself, and get ready for the transition to independence is an invaluable benefit of our program.


  • 24/7 Support & Care: Transitioning from one life stage to another becomes even harder without the right support system. Our Independent Living Programs provide immediate and ongoing support, care, and comfort from medical and mental health professionals and peers who are going or have gone through similar experiences.

McLaughlin House Services

  • Phase system
  • Sponsor contacts (if applicable)
  • Life skills development
  • Staff available 24/7 as needed
  • Clinical oversight by an MFT
  • Active participation in house activities
  • Transportation to and from recovery meetings and clincial appointments
  • Nutritionist referrals
  • Weekly mentor meetings
  • Referrals to outpatient programs
  • Randomized breathalyzer testing
  • Near local universities
  • Mandatory weekly in-house meetings
  • Required attendance at meetings
  • Food management system
  • Nightly check-in
  • Random drug testing
  • Weekly social activities
  • Assigned staff member for weekly case management
  • Weekly updates to clinical team members and families

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    Goals of Our LA Independent Living Program

    Our Independent Living Program was designed to help each individual living in one of our Los Angeles homes set and achieve obtainable goals, including:

    • Positive Mental Health Support: Residents are surrounded by peers dedicated to the same goals, creating a community of support and motivation. Residents are also supported by caring staff who meet with residents and provide one-on-one mentoring sessions to track their progress, listen to their needs, and comfort them when challenges arise. Once residents leave the program, they’ll have established an encouraging community of peers and professionals who are eager to see them succeed.


    • Establish Lifelong independent living skills: Mental health and substance use disorders can cause individuals to lose or grow without learning the essentials of impendence. Residents will learn to maintain a clean living space, manage schedules and expenses, and more. Toward the end of their stay, staff will help residents prepare for independent living, find comfortable living situations, and plan for potential triggers, cravings, and overwhelming emotions.


    • Get back into passions and hobbies: It can be hard for individuals to pursue passions and creative or athletic hobbies, especially when they’re impacted by mental health and substance use disorders. Taking the time to get into crafts, sports, video games, movies, or anything else that brings personal enjoyment is an essential mental health skill. When clients leave our program, they’ll have learned how to care for themselves, including planning and dedicating time to fun and exciting passions.

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    At Riviera Recovery, our mental health housing in Santa Monica can help individuals reclaim the life they deserve while integrating back to the real world surrounded by structure and support. Riviera Recovery’s prime location as well as it’s reputation for helping young people recover makes our mental health housing a clear choice for those who are changing their lives for the better. If you’re struggling with mental health issues and are looking for help, contact us today to learn more about our admissions process.