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Budgeting your Sober Living Costs

The Priceless Value in Choosing Sober Living Post Addiction Treatment Budgeting Your Sober Living Costs

We’ve all heard the British saying, “Penny-wise and pound-foolish,” a pithy phrase that points out the tendency to focus keenly on small expenses while ignoring the larger costs of certain things.  When it comes to making the important decision to spend a few months in a sober living environment, some might scoff at the cost to do so, while ignoring the bigger picture.  

In reality, planning for a few months stay in a sober residence may be the best investment one can make on the road to long-term recovery.  Without taking this crucial step, and instead re-entering regular life while in a very vulnerable state, relapse is a real possibility.  In that event, another stint in an expensive drug and alcohol rehab will far exceed the sober living costs had that option been chosen in the first place.

The Value of Sober Living

Spending a few months in a nurturing, safe, and drug/alcohol free zone has benefits that far exceed the sober living cost associated with it.  Yes, there is rent to pay for this transitional housing, but no matter where one lives there would be rental or housing expense.  The same can be said for groceries that would need to be purchased while in sober living—a person has to eat no matter where they live.  

Any added expense that sober living costs is far offset by the value of living in a supportive and therapeutic environment that reinforces the new clean and sober lifestyle being embraced.  Being surrounded by people who are dealing from the same daily (hourly!) challenges to newfound sobriety helps to provide the camaraderie so important in the early days of recovery.  

In addition to the actual substance-free living space, sober living incorporates the elements needed to enhance recovery, such as 12-step meetings, on-site counselors, peer support, and personalized case management.  Having a supportive staff that makes sure you get to doctor’s appointments, outpatient services, or therapy sessions is something not usually found back at home, but is included in sober living costs.  

Riviera Recovery: The Most Bang for your Sober Living Buck

Located on a sprawling two-acre parcel of land in the hills of Malibu, California, Riviera Recovery provides an intimate, luxury sober living experience.  The focus at Riviera Recovery is on introducing the newly sober residents to all the invigorating and fulfilling activities of living life free of drugs and alcohol.  With an emphasis on helping its residents reclaim their physical, mental, and spiritual health, the compassionate staff teaches them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by offering organic foods and encouraging exercise.

Riviera Recovery features a holistic approach to supporting sobriety.  Residents are not just housed there, they are embraced.  At Riviera, it is understood that deeply entrenched addiction behaviors must be replaced with new healthy alternative behaviors.  For this reason, a wide array of activities that nourish the mind, body, and spirit are offered to its residents.  Physical activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, Pilates, horseback riding, golf, and tennis are available.  Relaxation is promoted by yoga, acupuncture, sauna and spa, massage, tai chi, and gardening.  

Private suites with luxury amenities are provided in this beautiful, spacious residence.  A resort-like backyard offers opportunities for socializing at the pool and barbeque, or for quiet meditation overlooking the serene hillside.  Sober living costs are relative to the benefit they provide, and at Riviera Recovery the benefits to achieving a lifelong recovery from drugs and alcohol far outweigh the cost.  For more information call us today at (866) 478-8799.