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Why is Los Angeles the Best Place to get Sober?

Los Angeles has been the west coast hub for sobriety for quite some time. With comfortable high-end rehabilitation centers strewn across the sandy beaches of the coast, and a recovery fellowship that is unparalleled, it’s no wonder why Los Angeles is the best place to get sober.

Los Angeles Offers an Abundance of Sober Living Accommodations

There are a plethora of sober living options in, and around, the Los Angeles area ranging from inpatient treatment facilities to more flexible transitional homes. Transitional living provides those recovering from substance abuse a safe, sober home environment while they get back on their feet. It’s not uncommon for those in recovery to make a home here, especially after they experience the amazing recovery community the city has to offer.  

12 Step Meetings and Fellowship Galore

There are thousands of A.A. meetings in Los Angeles. From industry people to Midwest transplants, you’re bound to find people with similar interests. The fellowship in L.A. doesn’t stop at beach meetings and speaker conferences though. The sobriety community creates their own fun; from retreats and music festivals, to nonprofit organizations and outings, there’s never a dull moment.

They even hold “Soberchella”; created by a husband and wife who wanted to attend the music festival Coachella without the temptation of drugs and alcohol. There is a powerful dynamic between those who recovered from substance abuse in L.A., and they are on a mission to show those who are still suffering from their disease just fun life in sobriety can be!

The Weather – Need I Say More?

Southern California is known for its beautiful weather, palm trees and sandy beaches. The sunny climate offers plenty of opportunities for sober activities, not to mention the vitamin D is good for your soul. While people often associate L.A. with night life and Hollywood parties, the city has so much more to offer.

Between the beautiful hikes, beach walks, coastal road trips, weekly festivals and street fairs, there are plenty of opportunities to “party” sober. There’s nothing more dangerous for someone recovering from substance abuse than boredom; and staying active is easy in such a bustling city.

Getting Sober in Los Angeles – Diversity and Opportunity

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is known as the “land of opportunity” and it lives up to that name. People come from all walks of life to sober up in the “City of Angels” and end up gaining so much more. Due to the dense population there are endless job and career opportunities. Recovering addicts and alcoholics are making a life for themselves in L.A. by building a foundation for life-long sobriety; and they’re having a blast doing it.

While many people migrate to Southern California to chase their dreams, addicts and alcoholics from around the country come to Los Angeles to find relief from addiction. They end up staying for the weather, unlimited outdoor activities and abundant recovery community and fellowship the city has to offer.  

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