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Malibu Beach Sober Living Cost

With detox and an inpatient rehab stint under your belt, the time has now come to plan your aftercare.  

One of the most important aspects of the recovery process is selecting a sober living community.  When beginning the task of searching through the various sober living options available in Malibu Beach, CA, it becomes abundantly clear that there is a wide range of sober living housing, but what is the cost?

The next phase of this step is to narrow down the selections based on the type of location you feel would best enhance your recovery experience and solidify the new sober lifestyle choices.  Where some may seek an urban environment in L.A., others will gravitate toward the beach communities where the healing ocean air beckons. There is no argument that the cost for a sober living home located in urban L.A. is far less that a sober living residence in the Malibu Beach area. But for those who are determined to make the sober living experience the best it can be, a community like Malibu, CA is the top choice.

Malibu Beach Sober Living Cost

While it is true that the cost of sober living in Malibu Beach will be substantial, why not consider the high cost of opting out of the important sober living step. When you take into account the likelihood of relapse due to skipping the sober living phase of recovery it becomes clear that, whatever the cost, finding a strong sober living community in an environment that touches your soul is key to sustained sobriety.

Malibu Beach sober living costs will vary depending on whether you elect to have a private room or share a room.  This makes a substantial difference in the overall costs of sober living, however many newly sober individuals consider it imperative to have their own private space and will pay a premium for it.  On average, the cost of a Malibu Beach sober living ranges from $3,000-$8,000 per month, depending on the type of accommodations and range of amenities offered.

How to Pay for Sober Living

When considering a sober living residence, remember that what may seem like high rent includes not only the room but also the meals, drug testing, housekeeping, transportation, and many of the activities offered.  Keep in mind that no matter where you were living you would be paying for housing and food, regardless.

There are several methods with which to finance sober living.  These include:

  • Private pay.  Financing your sober living expense through your own resources, using cash or credit card.
  • Payment plans.  Most sober living residences offer third-party financing, using addiction financing companies who provide specific plans for sober living as part of aftercare.  Family members can often apply for financing on your behalf.
  • Requesting help.  Oftentimes family members will be willing to help offset the costs of sober living as a gift to the loved one in recovery.

Riviera Recovery Sober Living Community Near Malibu Beach

Located in the gorgeous hillsides of Malibu, California, Riviera Recovery has created the ideal environment for adjusting to a new, healthy sober lifestyle.  Promoting wellness and new opportunities for the newly sober, Riviera Recovery, a pet-friendly sober community, provides the best that Malibu has to offer.  The compassionate staff not only will work to ensure your commitment to sobriety through consistent case management, meetings, and drug/alcohol testing, but also offers enjoyable sober activities like baseball games, surfing, hiking, kayaking, concerts, horseback riding, and more.  Call us today to discuss Malibu Beach sober living costs and financing options at 

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