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Pet Friendly Rehab

Rehab with the Comfort of Your Friendly Pet

The decision to deal with your addiction and enter sober living treatment can be a very emotional one. You may be concerned about leaving all of your responsibilities and your “old life” behind. But that’s the healthy fresh start you need to get on the path of sober living for recovery. There is one part of your life that you don’t need to leave behind – a very important part, indeed – and that’s your pet. Riviera Recovery is a high end sober living facility that is totally pet friendly. Sober living and rehab should be a place of peace and contentment, and for many of us, we can’t achieve that peace without our special and friendly pet near us.

Riviera Recovery is proud to offer pet friendly sober living, allowing our residents to feel safe, secure and totally at peace during their stay. There are many benefits to having pets with you during the sober living for recovery process, including:

(Photo Courtesy of @CanonTheTerrier and Joan Allen)

  • Feeling comfort and connection: We have an unbreakable bond and deep connection to our pets – and having them there with us on our sober living journey allows a patient to feel a strong sense of comfort and connection during a time in which they may often feel uncomfortable and disconnected from their “old life”.
  • A familiar face: The decision to enter a sober living facility can have some people feeling very lonely – and as if they’ve completely lost touch with family and friends. A pet allows a person to maintain a sense of normalcy and familiarity, without having to deal with the often toxic baggage and stress that people from their past can cause them.
  • The ability to self-soothe: There are many difficult and uncomfortable emotions that arise during the drug rehab and sober living process. In the past, an addict would have turned to drugs or alcohol to deal with these issues. Now, they are learning healthier ways to process complex emotions and to self-soothe. One of these healthy ways to process emotions is to bond with your animal companion. Animals have the innate ability to provide comfort to their owners during difficult times.

Pet-Friendly Rehab and Sober Living at Riviera Recovery

Looking for the best pet friendly sober living in Los Angeles near Santa Monica? Riviera Recovery drug recovery center in Malibu, California gives addicts the skills, tools and healthy mental outlook they need to live their best sober life – and we help them do it with their pet by their side. To learn more about pet friendly sober living, contact one of our Admissions Specialists to learn more at 866-478-8799