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Signs of Alcoholism

Signs of Alcoholism – and When to Seek Help

We live in a society where alcohol plays a huge role in our social lives. From sports games to nights out with friends to dating – alcohol is a constant factor. Social drinking and partying are seen as “the norm” in our society and drinking is frequently glamorized. While most people are able to control their drinking and have a healthy relationship with alcohol, alcoholics develop a mental and physical dependency on alcohol and abuse it for a variety of reasons: to escape from stress, to numb their emotions or to feel more confident and like “the life of the party”. As alcoholism progresses, drinking becomes the focus of one’s life and the disease begins to affect a person’s health, relationships, job and family. That’s when alcohol treatment options such as alcohol detox, alcohol rehab or a sober living facility can help break the cycle of addiction – and get an alcoholic on the road to long-term sobriety

Top Signs of Alcoholism

Not all of the signs of alcoholism can be seen, as many people are very adept at hiding their disease. Also, not everyone displays the same signs of alcoholism. However, there are some major signs of alcoholism that seem to be universal. If you’ve witnessed these signs in yourself or someone you love, you are likely dealing with alcoholism:

  • You feel a strong compulsion to drink and once you start, you are unable to limit the amount of alcohol you drink.
  • You drink alone or try to hide your drinking from others.
  • When you aren’t drinking, you experience withdrawal symptoms, like nausea, sweating, chills, shaking and headaches.
  • You drink so much that you don’t remember what happened while you drank and frequently “black out” after drinking too much.
  • Family and friends have commented on the frequency or quantity of your alcohol use. You feel angry and threatened if they express their concerns.
  • Your drinking has negatively impacted your life: a DUI/DWI, being reprimanded at work, fighting with your significant other or loved ones over drinking, a decline in health or your physical appearance.
  • Drinking is a part of your daily routine.

Finding the Best Alcohol Treatment Center

If you’ve recognized yourself or a loved one in the above list, you need to find the best sober recovery Malibu has to offer. Riviera Recovery is a Malibu recovery center and luxury sober living center that provides comprehensive treatment and support for people facing serious alcohol addiction or drug addictions. Riviera’s Malibu Recovery Center provides comprehensive treatment and high end sober living in Malibu, California. Riviera Recovery’s high end sober living recovery center is located on over two acres of land in beautiful Malibu, California. Our private high end sober living facility gives the skills and support they need to embrace long-term recovery and commit to a new, sober lifestyle. In addition to luxury amenities, Riviera provides personalized treatment plans, medication supervision, weekly in-house meetings, transportation to and from 12-step meetings, optional sober companions and family coaching. To learn more about Riviera Recovery’s Malibu recovery center and high end sober living facility. Call Admissions at 866-478-8799