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The Best Sober Living In Los Angeles, CA

Many people go back to their regular lives after completing their initial addiction treatment. However, the risk of relapse is still high because many people are still vulnerable to triggers, emotional imbalances, and drug and alcohol cravings. Sober living in Los Angeles allows men and women to practice living their sober lives while still in a safe, substance-free environment. Living in such enviornments while getting sober makes them more likely to stay in recovery once they return home. 

Getting Sober in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the heart of the Southern California area, boasting a host of culinary, entertainment, arts and musical options for tourists. The film and television industry is centered here, along with popular celebrities, unique museums, several theatres, and a variety of live music. The area provides a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Both locals and tourists enjoy easy access to miles of pristine beaches, hiking trails, and a quick drive to the mountains.

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Many people choose sober living in Los Angeles because it offers them a great opportunity for living in a controlled environment before returning home. People already living in the area enjoy being in a familiar location near friends and family. Those coming from outside the area benefit from a change of scenery in an exciting city.

Los Angeles provides a large number of addiction support groups, including a thousand Alcoholics Anonymous meetings every week. Other addiction-related support groups offer meetings in the area, providing alternatives for peers to meet up when and where’s it’s convenient for them. Sometimes being in a new town or state can help open a person’s eyes to the concept change. As a result of this change, someone can be more committed to their recovery journey in a new city. They may be more focused since friends, distractions or triggers may not be available where they currently are. 

What is Sober Living?

Sober living or sober houses are a bridge between inpatient addiction treatment and returning home to a person’s normal life. These homes are similar to residential living and house several people all in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Some people enter sober living in Los Angeles after completing a residential program or an outpatient program. Others go to sober living directly from a detox program or as a tune-up program during a tough time in a recovery process that began earlier. 

Sober living homes provide a safe, substance-free environment for individuals all focused on staying sober. They feature staff members who are available 24/7 to help with any issues that arise. In addition to those benefits, sober living offers appropriate structure and support to facilitate long-term addiction recovery. Residents are often provided opportunities to engage in further treatment, such as:

  • Regular and intensive outpatient programs
  • Support groups
  • Recovery meetings
  • Therapy

What It’s Like to Be in Sober Living in Los Angeles

sober living in los angeles caSober living in Los Angeles is all about support. The homes focus on community living, which provides the support and skills necessary to ease back into your normal life. You will be able to build relationships with your housemates, many of which last long beyond when you leave the house. 

You will be able to learn that a supportive environment is necessary for ongoing and long-term addiction recovery. Moreover, you will acquire skills like understanding, tolerance, and patience when dealing with yourself and others. In sober living homes, residents can listen and share valuable insights and experiences with each other, and help build their self-esteem.

Many sober living homes offer planned social outings for the residents. This allows bonds to build while residents get to enjoy going out for sober-focused activities. This also encourages trust and builds stronger relationships between housemates. 

Gender-Specific Sober Living in Los Angeles

Gender-specific sober houses are facilities that provide housing for one given gender. They are typically divided into sober houses for men and for women. Gender-specific sober living in Los Angeles can help residents focus on their recovery in ways that co-ed homes may not offer. For example, statistically, there is less temptation to engage in romantic or sexual relationships in gender-specific homes. Residents also feel less pressure to focus on their appearance, which allows them to relax and be open. 

Men are socialized to appear strong and often have trouble expressing their emotions. When they are in a men-only sober living home, for example, they often find it easier to open up without worrying they may appear weak in front of women. In addition, women who have suffered from abuse by a man often find it more comfortable to live and heal in a women-only sober living home. 

Differences Between Sober Living and Halfway Houses 

Many people often confuse sober living homes with halfway houses. Halfway houses are used by the criminal justice system to help individuals transition from prison life to normal life. Individuals who go to halfway houses are under court orders implemented as part of their probation or parole. These homes are also available for individuals recovering from substance abuse. Halfway houses are owned by the state or federal government and subject to their budgetary restraints and usually offer bare-bones living conditions. Furthermore, there is no requirement to provide access to therapy or addiction treatment services. 

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Sober living houses are privately owned and offer much more than halfway houses. Residents live there voluntarily and focus on staying sober and returning home strong in recovery. Homes are often located in more desirable areas than halfway houses and have staff available to provide support and structure.   

Rules of Sober Living

The most basic rule of sober living is that the premises are alcohol-free and drug-free zones. Measures to enforce this may include: 

  • The use of breathalyzers
  • Random and mandatory drug tests 
  • The right to search the premises for alcohol, drugs, and paraphernalia 

Most sober living homes enforce curfews, with the times varying by the facility. Other rules in sober houses include dress code, in-house conduct, tidiness requirements, household chores, noise levels, and more. Some require you to have a support group or appointments with licensed therapists, psychiatrists, or counselors. 

Additionally, most sober living homes allow the residents to work, attend school, or do volunteer work. This provides great practice for reintegrating into routine life while still having a safety net in place that helps the individual stay sober. Lastly, visiting with family and friends is often available, with each house setting rules for length of visits and if they can be overnight.   

Get Into Sober Living in Los Angeles 

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