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Why Being Sober is Sexy

There is a huge lie out there. It’s that somehow drugs and alcohol are alluring. That they make you attractive. Fun. Sexy.  It’s a lie that the entire “nightlife” industry is based on. However, sober is sexy. But for people facing serious addiction, there is nothing fun or sexy about drugs or alcohol – instead of drugs and alcohol seriously impact every aspect of your life and image in a negative way.

Reasons Why Sober is Sexy

  • You Look Better: Alcohol and drugs are hard on your looks.  They cause bloating, weight gain, bad skin, dry and brittle hair and nails, stained teeth – the list goes on. When you give up alcohol and drugs, you’ll not only feel your very best – you’ll look your very best too.
  • Your Bank Account is Bigger: having your finances in order is attractive. And addictions cost a lot of money. Consider how much money you’ll save when you are not spending it on alcohol or drugs. During your time in a sober living facility, you’ll learn to manage your money and start to build up a savings.
  • Strength is Sexy: When you go through addiction recovery, you come out a much stronger, wiser and more enlightened person. That strength and intelligence is extremely attractive.
  • You’re Comfortable in Your Own Skin: Once you overcome an addiction and get on the path to sober living, you begin to find out who you truly are. There’s something very sexy about a man or a woman who knows who they are and who doesn’t feel the need to “cover up” their true personality with drugs or alcohol.  That kind of confidence is extremely attractive.
  • You Gain Compassion and Empathy: They say that recovering addicts are some of the best listeners in the world – and that’s because the skills that they learned in sober living help them empathize with others and provides them with incredible perspective and empathy to other people’s emotions. This quality makes a person very attractive to others, as these attributes are very rare these days.
  • You’re in Control: Let’s face it – when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you aren’t in control of your emotions, words or actions. Often you will do or say things that just aren’t “you”.  When you are sober, you are confident, in control and stable. You don’t blow off people or act in ways that you regret.  You own your decisions and actions – and that’s something people are really drawn to.

The Best Sober Living Houses in Los Angeles

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