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7 Celebrities Who Continue to Inspire Us in Recovery


Marshall Mathers – known in infamy by his stage name, Eminem – has had a long battle with drug addiction. His snarky, biting lyrics and brilliant live performances endeared him to his audience, even while he was in the throes of addiction to multiple prescription pills. In 2013, he opened up about his addiction, including a near-fatal overdose and how he eventually got help for addiction. This year, Em celebrated 10 years of sobriety, sharing a photo of his chip with fans on Instagram.

Kelly Osbourne

When the world met Kelly, she was a hilarious loudmouthed teenager on MTV’s hit reality show, The Osbournes. Having such a public persona, her fans got to witness her descent into drug addiction at a young age. Kelly has spoken candidly about her own struggles, including her recent relapse. “Every day I fight to stay clean,” she says. Most recently she has expressed support of her friend and fellow former child star, Demi Lovato, who had her own dangerous slip over the summer. Her candor and her support for other addicts is heartening.


Rapper Ben Haggerty, known worldwide as Macklemore, has always been up-front about his past drug addiction. He began drinking and using drugs in high school, telling Seattle’s KEXP, “I never had moderation.” His story of recovery is especially relevant with the death of his friend and fellow rapper Mac Miller, who overdosed in September. He implores his fans to seek help from recovery programs, stressing the value of community in the recovery process. Macklemore credits his sobriety to his family and states that having gotten help for addiction and continuing to work his program helps keep him clean after ten years.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis comes from a legendary Hollywood family. Her father was actor Tony Curtis, whom she has said was an addict himself. Her own addiction started in a way that many can relate to. In 1989, after surgery, she was prescribed opiates for pain and became addicted. What’s amazing is that for ten years she was able to hide her addiction, even while she was stealing pills from people around her. Jamile Lee Curtis celebrates twenty years of addiction recovery this year, and still attends meetings as a way to continue to be of service to other addicts in recovery programs.

Robert Downey Jr

The fact that Robert Downey Jr is thriving in life is a testament to recovery. Always a prolific actor, he had great success in the 80s and 90s. Having started using as a child, his life had completely spiraled by the early 2000s. To say that his career was in jeopardy would be an egregious understatement. After a series of arrests for possession, trespass, DUI, firearms violations, and bizarre public behavior, Downey Jr was looking at doing serious time.

He all but disappeared from public life for several years, throwing himself into his addiction recovery. In time, he was able to recapture his once-hot career. With the overwhelming success of films like the Iron Man franchise, he is now one of the most highly paid and sought-after actors in the world.

Kat Von D

Tattoo artist, television personality, and makeup mogul Kat Von D recently celebrated eleven years sober. She began drinking heavily after the dissolution of her marriage to Oliver Peck. He has maintained that she has resorted to dangerous methods of weight loss in the past, as well. She sought recovery when she realized that her substance abuse was threatening her work as an artist. “I was addicted to dysfunction,” she told The Fix in 2016.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has opened up about his struggle with alcoholism following the success of his directorial debut film, A Star is Born. His performance as a musician in a dark place draws on his own life experiences. As a director, he insisted the cast’s performances be authentic. He and other actors each took a deep dive into their own pasts. He has been sober going on fifteen years, and his willingness and ability to throw himself into such a heavy and vulnerable portrayal is quite moving.

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