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Benefits of Sober Living San Fernando Valley, California

When people think of rehab, they often picture clinical settings. In contrast, we provide the comforts of a real home. After initial treatment, our sober living San Fernando Valley homes make a great next step. They provide a way to heal. As well, they offer peer support. Our gender-specific homes give people a launching spot. Above all, they teach them how to be sober for life. 

San Fernando Valley Addiction Statistics

Drug and alcohol addiction affects the entire country. California is no exception. The California Health Care Foundation issued a 2018 report. Its findings are similar to those for the San Fernando Valley area. In fact, findings from the report include:

  • 6% of Californians have an alcohol use disorder. 
  • 3% meet the criteria for dependence on illicit drugs.
  • Substance use disorders happen most commonly in adults aged 18-25. 
  • By 11th grade, more than half of students have used alcohol. 
  • By 11th grade, nearly 40% of students have used marijuana. 
  • Alcohol was involved in more nonfatal E.R. visits than all other drugs combined. 

Another report focused on L.A. County showed more alarming facts. Los Angeles has over 700,000 drug users. As well, fentanyl deaths have increased 101% from 2019 to 2020.  Opioid-related deaths increased by several thousand. Moreover, these increases are related to the pandemic. 

Benefits of Choosing Sober Living Near San Fernando Valley, California 

Real estate agents will tell you how important location proves to be. On the other hand, it also counts when it comes to addiction treatment. Because of this, sober living San Fernando Valley homes provide close access to a vibrant area. It is part of the greater Los Angeles area. In addition, it’s home to several movie studios and theme parks. 

The year-round warm weather promotes outdoor activities. Both locals and tourists enjoy swimming, hiking, boating, and sunbathing. Along with that, the area has many restaurants, museums, and live events. Sober living isn’t just about being in a home. It also means getting out and enjoying hobbies and fun times. Sober living San Fernando Valley appeals to many for these reasons. 

Another bonus of this area relates to addiction recovery. This part of Southern California hosts several 12-step meetings each day. Someone in a sober living home can find a meeting any time they need one. As well, many local groups put on sober events. Because of this, people can have fun without alcohol or drugs.

Types of Sober Living Homes  

A wide range of types of sober living homes exists. Some provide few or no services. They may be in rural areas. Consequently, this makes getting to appointments and activities difficult. Most people prefer something more. Sober living near San Fernando Valley provides more choices. A wide variety of homes here are in popular neighborhoods. The homes are modern in design. As well, they feature beautiful furniture and updated interiors. 

Some sober living homes offer little in the way of amenities. Conversely, others provide house managers. Because of this, each resident has a place to turn if they have questions or concerns. In addition, some homes partner with treatment professionals. This allows residents to attend outpatient therapy services. Continuing therapy while in a sober living home is important. So much so that it increases a person’s ability to stay sober. 

Many young people fail to develop helpful life skills. Along with this, they may not fully grasp what it means to live as an adult. A lot of sober living homes address both of these needs. They may teach residents to plan, shop for, and cook meals. They often split up household chores among the group. Still, other homes provide valuable advice for young people. They help them make plans for school. Additionally, they can help them plan exciting careers. This includes creating a strong resume. As well, they show them how to find and keep a job.   

Why Many People Prefer Gender-Specific Sober Living Homes

Several options for sober living San Fernando Valley exist. Many experts recommend staying in a gender-specific home. For both men and women, living separately during treatment can help them heal. When the genders are separated, one thing often happens. Residents prove less likely to engage in romantic or sexual relationships. Experts recommend avoiding those types of relationships when new to recovery. 

Along with that, gender-specific homes reduce pressure related to how a person looks. Both genders feel less of a need to dress up. As well, they don’t worry as much about stereotypes. For women, it means not feeling they have to wear makeup and fancy clothes. For men, it can mean not worrying about appearing macho. They can enjoy male friendships without being distracted by trying to impress women.

McLaughlin House is our women’s sober living home. Women often find it easier to open up when in the company of other women. What is more, they may find they feel safer living among women only. We also have a men’s sober living house. Barrington House provides a space for men to feel comfortable. As a result, they can discuss their emotions. 

Begin Sober Living Near San Fernando Valley Today

The idea of getting treatment for addiction can be scary. For this reason, we provide a comfortable place to get healthy. Our sober living San Fernando Valley homes change lives. We offer gender-specific housing. As well, we are pet friendly. Contact Riviera Recovery in Los Angeles today. Let us help you move into an exciting new life.