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What Is a Halfway House? – Halfway Houses in Los Angeles

The quest for sobriety in Los Angeles can be a lifelong journey for most individuals in recovery. It begins by seeking help from detox or rehabilitation facilities but doesn’t end there. After a stay in a detox or rehab center, a person may long to have freedom from a restricted environment, but it may not be a smart move to go home yet. It can be dangerous to go back to their old environment and friends with whom they engaged in addictive behaviors because it may trigger a relapse. This can be a stressful factor, and their care providers may suggest they go into a halfway house in Los Angeles. If you find yourself wondering “What is a halfway house?,” read on for all the answers.

What Is a Halfway House Like in Los Angeles?

A halfway house in Los Angeles grants you the freedom to start living your life after completing the first part of your addiction treatment. It is considered an essential resource in the treatment of substance use disorders. Halfway houses hold you accountable during your stay. They give support to individuals who are new to making a commitment to a life of sobriety. The term “halfway house” comes from the fact that the residents live independently, away from residential or detox treatment, but are expected to restrict their behavior and follow the rules of the house. They are halfway through their recovery treatment and ability to return home. 

Our halfway house in Los Angeles enables the residents to learn to live with others and assimilate into their local community. Some people go to halfway houses after leaving prison, after court orders, or due to homelessness. In most halfway houses, individuals take drug screening tests in order to ensure the safety of the other residents.

Some halfway houses may make attendance of 12-step meetings mandatory or require that residents perform specific chores or respect a curfew. Because Los Angeles is such a large city, many options for 12-step and other types of support groups exist every day of the week.

What Is a Halfway House Timeline?

The timeline for how long an individual stays in a halfway house depends on several factors. The majority of the residents stay between three months and a year. This duration allows them to get back on track, get a good job, and gain control of their lives again. Halfway houses decrease the chances of individuals relapsing back to alcohol and drug use.

Some halfway houses encourage residents to get a steady job and pay rent. This enables the person to learn to stay in recovery while being responsible enough to maintain employment. When they have spent several months practicing staying sober and working, they tend to do better at continuing with this once they return to their homes. 

Is a Halfway House Different From a Sober Living House?

The difference between what is a halfway house and a sober living house depends on the particular home. Most individuals in a halfway house are addicts seeking transition while undergoing recovery, and it is sometimes referred to as a sober house. However, there are differences between halfway houses and sober living houses. Some of the halfway houses in the United States may offer treatment alongside rehabilitation, which mostly happens during the day, and involves individual and group counseling among residents.

The costs at halfway houses are partially provided by the federal government. In a sober living house, because they are privately owned, residents are expected to provide for their expenses during their stay.  Residents have options for private rooms, unlike halfway houses, which are mostly like dorms.

Recovery Residence Levels

A halfway house may have monitoring levels which are as follows:

  • First level monitoring, which involves the residents keeping an eye on each other’s well-being. There are no services offered, and there is no paid staff at this level. Residents stay from three months to a few years.
  • Second level monitoring, which involves a community-based approach. This level also has close supervision from a member of staff or a senior resident, who keeps an eye on the residents and makes sure the guidelines are followed.
  • Third level monitoring, which involves providing a set of life skills to the residents who need higher support levels.
  • Fourth level monitoring, which involves providing clinical programs alongside life skills. The program is conducted by a licensed professional to help prepare residents who need extra support and supervision.

Options for Halfway Houses in Los Angeles

Riviera Sober Living in Los Angeles is a facility similar to a halfway house that offers services to people seeking recovery from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. Riviera’s Sober Living has locations in Pacific Palisades, Southern California, and West Los Angeles. The Pacific Palisades house is coed and the Barrington house is an all-male house.

We also offer couples sober living services and upscale sober living facilities in Southern California and West Los Angeles. The Pacific Palisades house has oceanic views by the Santa Monica Mountains while the Barrington house is close to parks and shops, and has a BBQ on the outdoor patio and a cozy lounge area. Being centrally located to Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and LAX, residents can go to yoga classes, meditation classes, and museums.

Our team of experienced professionals will make sure that you or your loved one receives personalized care and is comfortable throughout their time with us. We have well-trained, registered nurses who guide our residents through the emotional turmoil they may encounter during their period of recovery. The nurses have access to on-call doctors whenever needed.

Halfway Houses in Los Angeles at Riviera Recovery

Taking advantage of halfway houses allows a person a chance to learn to be responsible and live a sober life before they return home. We offer help for young adults in comfortable homes that are pet-friendly and provide multiple options for treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Contact Riviera Recovery today to find out more about our options for halfway houses in Los Angeles. Call us now at 855-207-9708.