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Benefits Of Men’s Sober Living California

Are you a young man who needs to put addiction behind you and needs help getting started? Our male sober living home offers a warm, welcoming environment to use as the jumping-off point for becoming sober. Barrington House, our gender-specific men’s sober living California home, provides the perfect setting for a safe place to stay while you get comfortable living your newly sober life.

Why Choose a Men’s Sober Living Home? 

While lots of sober living homes provide co-ed housing, many people prefer the advantages of a gender-specific home. Our men’s sober living California home allows men to live together without the distractions that can come with living with women. Experts recommend those new to addiction recovery avoid new romantic or sexual relationships. These are less likely to occur in a gender-specific home. 

Because men have so much in common with each other, it makes it easier for them to reveal past experiences and current challenges to each other. They can offer advice and support, and enjoy an experience of brotherhood that cannot be found in a mixed-gender facility. 

In addition, men find themselves socialized from a young age to appear stoic and hide their emotional side. They often find it easier to be open about their experiences and feelings when they are among their own gender. Men who find themselves prone to feel aggressive or competitive towards other men can address this in a safe outlet with trained clinicians. Many residents return home with newly established bonds with roommates that carry far into their recovery.

Activities at a Men’s Sober Living California Community 

Initial treatment programs for substance use disorders typically require a person to remain in a clinical, residential facility that does not feel like home. Getting out and enjoying normal activities may not be possible while a person goes through detox or the first tenuous days of recovery. Once young men enter our men’s sober living home in California, they can begin to reincorporate fun activities into their schedules. 

Our close access to the beach and mountains provides ample opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities. The Los Angeles area also showcases multiple live performances, galleries, museums, shops, and fun restaurants to check out. Residents can root for local sports teams or enjoy playing sports or exercising with their roommates. 

We provide weekly activities to ensure everyone has an opportunity to take advantage of downtime as part of their recovery treatment. Some of our residents pair their treatment time with working part-time, attending school, or doing volunteer work. Recovery-oriented activities abound, including 12-step and other support groups; we provide transportation to such activities. 

What to Look For When Searching for a Men’s Sober Living House 

Not all male sober living homes are created equal, which makes it important to choose the right one for each man. Location takes its place at or near the top of everyone’s list, making Southern California a popular choice. Residents want more than just a great area; they want a nice neighborhood in which the sober living home is located. Some homes locate in sketchy areas, while others provide modern, beautifully furnished homes in desirable neighborhoods.

The ability to take advantage of specialized amenities should be provided. This includes access to outpatient treatment like individual counseling, group therapy, support groups, and any needed medical care. A good sober living home also enforces house rules in order to provide safety, order, and a substance-free living situation. Look for things like curfews, drug testing, house meetings, and shared household duties, such as housekeeping and meal preparation. 

Some homes offer visitation rights from loved ones, while others do not. Some put the focus on residents working on their sobriety independently, while others have onsite management and support. When considering a men’s sober living home in California, each person should feel free to call and ask all the questions they have. This will help them determine which home provides the best fit for them.

What Does Sober Living For Men Have To Offer In California?

Just as any realtor will tell you, location matters to everyone. Our location in the bustling region of Southern California means we appeal to people in Los Angeles and in nearby areas. This part of the country offers year-round sunny weather and plenty of opportunities for outside activities. Barrington House residents enjoy Santa Monica men’s sober living and Venice Beach men’s sober living because of activity choices. They can spend time surfing, swimming, sunbathing, hiking, and enjoying local favorites like the Santa Monica Pier. Populations that often take advantage of our male sober living treatment include those looking for: 

  • Men’s sober living Manhattan Beach
  • Men’s sober living Torrance, CA
  • Men’s sober living San Diego
  • Men’s sober living Orange County

Whatever area of Southern California a person calls home, they find themselves a short distance from Riviera Recovery. Public transportation, a car ride, or a quick hop on a plane will get males who need a men’s sober living California home at our front door quickly.

Get Sober Living Treatment for Men in California

When a young man chooses to cut drugs and alcohol out of his life, he needs help from experts who can teach him how to get started. Riviera Recovery proudly provides just the place: Barrington House in Los Angeles. Our male sober living facility acts as a home away from home in which other like-minded men working hard on their own sobriety help each other reach their goals. Visit our admissions page to start your life over today by getting the expert help you deserve.