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Where to Get Your Mindfulness On In Los Angeles

Need to get away from the hustle and bustle of LA? Looking to have a quiet moment to yourself? Hoping to rediscover your inner calm? Here are ten beautiful spots where you can retreat to get your mindfulness on!

The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

With 120 acres open to the public, the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens is one of Los Angeles’s most expansive areas of beauty. Home to over 14,000 varieties of plants, the gardens are ideal for quiet meditation and mindfulness.

Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

A temple, a meditation garden, and a shrine all rolled into one, Lake Shrine offers an oasis from the restless city life of Los Angeles. Located in the hills of the Pacific Palisades, it’s the perfect spot for contemplation: peaceful, silent, and beautiful.

Descanso Gardens

An urban retreat, Descanso Gardens is an internationally renowned botanical haven. With 160 acres of woodlands and gardens, it’s a great place to experience the natural beauty of Southern California. Stroll through the Rose Garden or stop at a koi pond, admire the Camellia Collection or pass through the Ancient Forest – there is an endless amount of tranquility to be found in this oasis.

The Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanical Garden

A unique botanical garden and historical site, the Los Angeles Arboretum aims to be a respite its visitors. Every continent is represented with trees, bushes, and flowers, so come prepared to cross the globe! It’s easy to get lost meandering the trails, take a walk around the lake, or stop and admire the historic buildings scattered across the property. And keep an eye out for peacocks!

The Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Garden

A spiritual oasis, the Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Garden is the perfect place to harness your inner calm. Modeled after the Chartres Cathedral in France, the stone labyrinth is ideal for centering and finding harmony within. The surrounding gardens are filled with lush plants and stone benches, making it an ideal spot a for gathering your thoughts. The beautiful mansion has a unique architectural history and is chock full of California history.

Getty Villa

Come visit the ancient world of Greece and Rome! The Getty Villa is a unique architectural oasis in Malibu replete with gardens and a museum filled with antiquities. With no admission fee, the Villa is a wonderful spot for self-reflection and art appreciation.

Amir’s Garden

Tucked away in Griffith Park, Amir’s Garden is a five-acre ornamental garden designed as a rest stop for hikers. Filled with a variant of trees and shrubs, it’s a shaded oasis that stands out admits the dry Southern California landscape. The area is maintained by volunteers, making it a true labor of love. Stop here as you hike the trails for a moment of respite and calm.

The James Irvine Japanese Garden

A breath of fresh air moments from Little Tokyo, the James Irvine Japanese Garden is sure to provide a moment of zen. Come experience the variety of plants, flowers, and trees that populate this hidden oasis. Though somewhat on the smaller side, this intimate garden has bridges, small rivers, a waterfall, and several spots to sit and relax.

Malibu Hindu Temple

Nestled in the Calabasas Hills, the Malibu Hindu temple is a majestic building built in the traditional style of South India. The white stone is striking against the setting of Malibu, and if you look closely you can see the intricate carvings embedded in its walls. Be prepared to take off your shoes!

Solstice Canyon

Serene and beautiful, Solstice Canyon is a popular hiking destination that allows visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of Southern Californian mountains. Stop along the trail for a serious meditation session and enjoy the unique flora and fauna you’ll find along the way. Solstice Canyon offers serenity in abundance and is the perfect spot to practice some mindfulness.