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Women’s Sober Living in Southern California

Once a person completes detox and residential addiction treatment, they may not be ready to go home yet. Women’s sober living homes offer a safe place where you can work on your sobriety. McLaughlin House provides women with a safety net that increases their chances of staying sober. 

Why Choose a Women’s Sober Living Home? 

Many advantages to gender-specific sober homes exist. Women have unique needs and their treatment should reflect that. Women can feel intimidated by living with men for a variety of reasons. It may have to do with past abuse at the hands of a man. They may feel unsafe living with men they do not know. A women’s sober living home provides them with a sense of safety they need in order to feel at ease. 

Women often relax when among their own gender, which allows them to open up more easily. They can share their experiences, fears, and triumphs related to addiction, and more. “Girl power” is more than just a slogan; it empowers females of all ages to do their best. They feel comfortable being vulnerable and also showing their strengths. Many women leave our residence with life-long friendships in place. 

Temptations to engage in romantic or sexual relationships can happen anywhere. Most experts warn against beginning this type of activity early in recovery. These types of relationships are less likely to happen in gender-specific sober living homes. Women also tend to be less focused on their appearance when men aren’t around. This allows them to relax and feel more confident.  

Activities at a Sober Living Home

Moving into a sober living home doesn’t mean all work and no fun. Residents who love outdoor activities are in luck. Our home is located close to beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and other wonders of nature. Plenty of indoor activities proves popular with our residents, including shopping and dining out. The area is rich with museums, concerts, sporting events, and gyms. 

Having sober friends to enjoy downtime with makes sober living relaxing and fun. We offer weekly activities that allow friendships to form. Activities include attending 12-step and other types of support groups for that added boost of help. We even provide transportation to some events. We also know how important a person’s pets are to their lives. That’s why we provide a pet-friendly home so you can take care of yourself and your furry friend. 

Some residents choose to attend school, work part-time, or do volunteer work. This helps fill their hours while they achieve important goals. They return home with valuable work or volunteer experience and school credits.

What to Look for When Searching for a Women’s Sober Living House

Women’s sober living homes offer a variety of things to potential guests. People often choose a location as the most important concern, with many wanting to stay close to home. Others prefer the change of pace of going somewhere new. The home itself proves important because the person will live there for a long time. Women usually want a nicely decorated, modern home in a popular neighborhood. 

Look for homes that provide valuable access to outpatient treatment. This can include individual therapy, group therapy, and access to medical care. Sober living home staff can answer questions about the programs they offer. This can include those taking place at the home itself and those offered offsite. For many, holistic therapies like yoga, massage, and art therapy help boost their recovery. 

Another important thing to look for involves the rules of the household. Many sober living homes have a curfew and expectations for everyone’s behavior. Measures like drug tests and breathalyzers help keep the home substance-free. Management may be onsite or offsite and will explain the rules of the house. The rules may include housekeeping duties, meal preparation, and attending house meetings. Some houses allow visitors while others do not. 

What Our Sober Living Home in Southern California Has to Offer 

Many residents of Southern California need treatment for their substance use disorders. Those seeking women’s sober living in the San Fernando Valley or women’s sober living in Orange County find our location convenient. We service people from those areas and many others. Some of the other areas we serve include those searching for:

  • Women’s sober living Manhattan Beach
  • Women’s sober living Newport Beach
  • Women’s sober living San Diego
  • Women’s sober living Santa Barbara
  • Women’s sober living Riverside, CA

Those in need of recovery from other parts of the country often benefit from going to a new area. Southern California can provide the location for a new start to their lives. This inspires them while staying with us and after returning home. Whether our residents are from the area or out of town, they appreciate the year-round sunny weather. Located near the ocean, the mountains, and plenty of indoor activities, there is lots to do. This part of the state also features recovery meetings and sober activities to enjoy.

Women’s Sober Living in Los Angeles

Living a life addicted to drugs or alcohol means not living up to your potential. Riviera Recovery in Los Angeles helps you or someone you love leave addiction in the past. We treat substance use disorders and mental health concerns in our beautiful sober living home. Visit our admissions page now and see how we can help turn your life around.