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Enjoying Life And Having Fun Sober

A person lost in addiction to alcohol usually knows in some way that they aren’t living the life they deserve. Still, it can be difficult to contemplate entering recovery because they associate drinking with having a good time. If you wonder how you can go about having fun sober, we’ve got some great ideas. 

Why Do People Get Sober? 

The cliche that a person must hit rock bottom to get sober is true for many. Still, some people seem to settle at the bottom and do not seek help. They often find their thinking clouded by being under the influence of alcohol that they can’t truly understand why some people choose to get sober. 

There are many benefits to getting sober that make a person’s life more fulfilling. These include:

  • Improvement of physical health
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Mental illness symptoms can be reduced
  • No more hangovers
  • Healthier personal relationships
  • Better ability to concentrate on career and school responsibilities
  • Easier to set and achieve goals
  • Serving as an inspiration to family and friends
  • The money you save not buying alcohol 
  • You learn all about having fun sober
  • You deserve to live a sober life

I’m Newly Sober and Bored 

When a person first becomes sober, they find themselves thrown out of balance in many ways. Everything about their social lives and free time may seem different now, making them feel that sobriety is boring. 

The key to getting past this pertains to being patient. New habits take time to feel familiar and comfortable, making it imperative to give yourself time to adjust to your new life. 

You have the power to fill your time with enjoyable activities. Reach out to sober friends, support groups, 12-step contacts, and treatment professionals for support. They will be able to offer assurances that feelings of boredom are fleeting. Before you know it, having fun sober will become second nature.

7 Ways of Enjoying Life and Having Fun Sober  

Do you think you can’t have enjoyable experiences, hobbies, and friendships without drinking alcohol? Think again. We’ve got seven ideas for having fun sober.

Get Physical 

When you’re under the influence of alcohol, enjoying activities that involve moving around a lot can seem daunting. Instead of spending hours glued to a couch or otherwise remaining motionless, start moving. Physical activities like hiking, running, bike riding, and swimming can provide much-needed exercise and also be fun pastimes.

Explore New Hobbies

Think about something you’ve always wanted to try or sounds like a fun new way to spend time and then start doing it. Great hobbies to enjoy include playing a musical instrument, gardening, camping, cooking, dancing, and taking a class. Find something that sparks an interest in you and challenge yourself to excel at it. New hobbies require focus and can take your mind off the desire to drink.

Hit the Road

Travel offers myriad ways for you to see the world. Living in the haze of alcoholism makes many people stick close to home, feeling that getting out to travel takes too much effort. They can also put themselves and others at risk if they drive under the influence when they travel. Sober travel allows you to really appreciate the sights and activities available in a big metropolis, small towns, or out in the wilderness. Pack a suitcase and either grab a friend or enjoy traveling solo.

Rediscover Old Pastimes

Too often, when a person becomes addicted to alcohol, old activities they used to enjoy fall to the wayside. Think about clubs, sports, classes, and hobbies you used to love and reignite your passion for them. It can be a wonderful reminder of how great life can be when you don’t let alcohol get between you and what you are passionate about. 

Hang Out With Sober Friends

Treatment professionals warn people in recovery that one of the biggest triggers to relapse involves spending time with people who have substance use disorders. Make an effort to spend time with individuals who share your desire to stay sober. You can try socializing with people you meet in support groups, group therapy, or a sober living home. When everyone involved in a get-together has zero tolerance for drinking, it makes it easier for everyone to have a trigger-free good time.

Play Fun Sober Games

Playing games provides a great way to spend time with family and friends. Whether you go old school and play board games around the table or meet up online with others, games help everyone have a good time without focusing on drinking. 

Throw a Sober Party

Parties don’t have to put a spotlight on alcohol. Invite others who are in recovery or respect that you won’t be serving alcohol at your gathering. You can plan a holiday party or create a theme, like a backyard barbecue or a costume party. It can be a potluck, something you cook for, or have it catered. You can plan fun things to do like dancing, swimming, watching a movie, or playing games. 

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