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Riviera Recovery Sober Living Offering Long Term Rehab

Riviera Recovery Sober Living Offering Long-Term Rehab

When we set out to achieve an important goal in life it helps to have a game plan. Approaching a goal with a concrete plan of steps that will help us obtain it absolutely beats flailing about, which usually results in failure.  Such is the case when that important life goal involves getting clean and sober and changing your life for the better.

When initiating the effort to overcome a problem with substance abuse or addiction it is crucial to have a solid game plan.  There is an appropriate order of the steps to take to ensure success in recovery, so why not approach this challenge with the best possible mindset and plan?  Here are the usual steps to take on the recovery journey.

First Step, Detox and Long-Term Rehab

Addiction to drugs and alcohol remains a health crisis in America.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 10% of the U.S. population over age 12 has engaged in illicit drug use in the last month, and because of the opioid crisis taking so many young lives, average life expectancy for Americans has actually decreased.  Getting help for an addiction can literally be life saving.

Before entering an addiction treatment program, the individual seeking treatment will likely need to first undergo detox and withdrawal.  The detoxification process refers to the body ridding itself of all residual toxins and chemical associated with the drug of abuse, allowing the individual to regain mental clarity as well as cycle through the withdrawal symptoms.  This enables the person to enter into therapeutic activities with a clear head and the ability to absorb information and learn new coping skills in long-term rehab.

Inpatient or outpatient treatment differs in a couple of significant ways.  Outpatient rehab allows the individual to reside in their own home while in treatment and requires a lower threshold of participation regarding the number of treatment hours.  Inpatient rehab features 24-hour monitoring and support, as the individual will reside at the treatment facility.  Inpatient programs have a full daily schedule of therapy and therapeutic activities.  Both inpatient and outpatient programs routinely require participation in a 12-step or similar style recovery program.

After Long-Term Rehab, Sober Living

Once the formal addiction program has been completed, it is beneficial to live in a sober living community for the first few months following treatment.  Sober living provides exactly what someone new in recovery needs, a drug and alcohol-free environment that also provides structure and support.  Most people who have spent years in active addiction are in need of a new healthy and predictable routine, and sober living fosters that.

Getting accustomed to living a sober lifestyle can take some getting used to.  Sober living introduces the positive aspects of living without the need for a substance, usually offering group activities, group meetings, and fellowship.  Some premium sober living homes may also provide:

  • Group outings
  • Sports and activities
  • A pet-friendly policy
  • Access to holistic therapies like yoga classes, nutritionists, acupuncture, and massage therapy
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Assistance with resume preparation or job seeking
  • Transportation to meetings or appointments
  • Coordination with legal entities

After Sober Living, Continuing Care

While in sober living, most individuals will also be getting some outpatient counseling as they adjust to life post-treatment.  If not, it is advisable to access continuing care through an outpatient treatment center for a minimum of three months.  This allows the individual to prevent relapse after leaving sober living and returning home.  Group counseling, life skills training, job placement services, medication management, and relapse prevention are all important components of continuing care following treatment.

Riviera Recovery Provides Sober Living and Access to Long-Term Rehab

Riviera Recovery is a premier, pet-friendly provider of sober living accommodations for individuals in recovery, located in Malibu, California.  Riviera Recovery can arrange for local long-term inpatient or outpatient rehab to precede the step of sober living, as well as ongoing therapy for continuing care afterward.  Riviera Recovery provides strong mentoring and monitoring during the early days of recovery in an active, healthy living environment.  Riviera Recovery emphasizes peer involvement, outdoor activities, regular group outings to concerts and other entertainment venues, all to promote a new healthy lifestyle that is positive and not punitive.  For more information about the program and related treatment resources, please contact Riviera Recovery today at (866) 478-8799.