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Tips for Staying Sober After Rehab

Staying sober in rehab is one thing. Staying sober outside of rehab is another. After you’ve finished addiction treatment, Los Angeles can be a hard city to live in and maintain your sobriety. There is a huge focus on nightlife and entertainment, which means alcohol or other substances. Not to mention the daily stress of life and our tendency to fall into “old habits”.  Once you have finished rehab, a residence in a sober living for recovery facility is an excellent decision. A high end sober living facility provides the comforts of home (there are even pet-friendly sober living options) with the structure and support needed to begin your journey on the sober living path.

In addition to living in a sober living facility, here are some tips for maintaining sobriety, post-rehab:

  • Seek Support: Whether it is sober counseling, therapy or relying on a sober coach, it is important to have the right support and guidance to keep your sober goals in mind and help you manage the complex emotions and stress that occurs while managing recovery.
  • Use Your Time Wisely: Shockingly, one common cause of relapse is boredom and feeling restless. Many addicts have poor impulse control and can be easily bored or anxious. That’s why a well thought out schedule and a “game plan” to focus on is extremely important. By committing to 12 step meetings, therapy sessions, meetings with your sober coach or staying involved in service work or positive activities can help you stay on track with sober living.
  • Focus on Your Goals: Whether it is finding your dream job, creating a healthy family life or focusing on education – focusing on your new sober goals is extremely important to successful sober living. Start by making a list of realistic goals to help you stay motivated, active and engaged.  During your stay at a sober living facility, you will have the opportunity to discover new interests and goals – and put a detailed plan in place to help you achieve those goals.

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These tips were brought to you by the sober living experts at Riviera Recovery, a luxury facility that offers sober living on the beach and helps addicts find their sober path during recovery. To learn more about luxury sober living, visit the Riviera Recovery’s website and experience the best sober living and addiction treatment Los Angeles has to offer. Call 866-478-8799