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The Benefits of a Sponsor in Recovery

Most 12-Step programs, especially Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous, rely on sponsors in recovery programs. Sponsors play crucial support for the addict in recovery. During recovery from alcohol or other substances, sponsors help the addict navigate their journey toward sobriety. Confidants, mentors, guides, and sponsors understand the treatment process because they were once an addict. Having a sponsor in recovery is an additional step for accountability and understanding. 

What is a Sponsor?

A sponsor in recovery is an individual who has successfully achieved and maintained sobriety in their treatment of addiction. Not to be confused with peer support workers, sponsors provide an additional source of support for the addict in recovery. Problems, thoughts, or feelings may be uncomfortable to share in group meetings, but with a sponsor may be easier to explore. In addition, the sponsor offers a source of experience for the addict new to recovery, as they have already participated in treatment.  

Studies suggest that participation in group meetings is better for those with an active sponsor in recovery. Encouragement, understanding, and experience to assist as additional support make sponsors an invaluable tool for healing. Sponsors have already worked to repair their family relationships, worked hard to forgive themselves for the past, and gained an understanding of what led them to their addiction. 

What Are the Benefits of Having a Sponsor in Recovery?

The benefits of having a sponsor in recovery are too numerous to count. First, having a support person to discuss uncomfortable topics with can be extremely helpful. Second, talking to an experienced addict who is successful in recovery offers hope and motivation for the addict for a brighter, sober future. Third, the voice of experience is always a reliable source for issues no one else seems to understand. Finally, building a close relationship with a sponsor can instill lessons in trust, honesty, and learning to respect others. 

Shared Experiences

Many in recovery need the objective voice who has experienced addiction to share experiences. Practicing listening skills while communicating with sponsors can be beneficial in future relationships. Hearing that someone successful in recovery has experienced similar problems builds a strong connection. The sponsor in recovery makes the addict feel less alone in their journey. Surprisingly, others have experienced the same issues you have in recovery. Hope and confidence develop with a successful resolution for stumbling blocks. Sharing accomplishments with a sponsor benefits both parties. 

Someone to Lean On

Feelings of inadequacy, depression, and weakness are common in recovery. Difficulties in organizing thought processes and changing behaviors can sometimes initiate feelings of failure. Having a sponsor in recovery offers a shoulder to lean on when times get rough. In addition, a sponsor has already experienced these processes and knows how to cope positively and healthily.  

Sympathy without Judgment

A sponsor in recovery can listen and offer comfort when difficult times come along in treatment. Group therapy is terrific, but having that additional support person to hear thoughts, feelings, and stories without fear of judgment is priceless. Judgment is cause for anxiety and fear of the truth. Sponsors eliminate anxiety and fear so that honesty can prevail in the relationship.

Source of Motivation

Recovery is not easy. The sponsor in recovery has experienced difficulties. However, sponsors understand what can motivate and encourage their sponsee through the hard times. Although the goal is to maintain sobriety, it’s not easy. Experience in recovery can offer advice to no one else can understand. 

Moral Support

In the beginning, group support meetings can be very intimidating. Having a sponsor in recovery will ease the anxiety and fear and make the process more comfortable. A sponsor understands the intimidation one could feel and can guide the sponsee through beginning meetings. Once trust is established, confidence will eventually build in group therapy and meetings 

Living Proof that Recovery is Possible

A sponsor in recovery is proof that those in recovery can be successful. Seeing the success your sponsor has experienced is encouraging. The sponsor has survived treatment and is living a substance-free lifestyle. The healthy, positive habits learned in therapy are being practiced and proven essential for sober living. Successful recovery is proven by having a sponsor. 

How Long Does Sponsorship Last?

Sponsorship can last for as long as support is needed. Most sponsors still have their sponsors for support. Sponsors in recovery are always available when times get rough, traumatic events happen, or life struggles seem too big to manage alone. In addition, sponsorship adds layers of purpose, motivation, and richness to life. Those in recovery may feel strong enough to be a sponsor later in their journey. Sponsorship is a special relationship and builds strength in character and respect for the human condition. 

Find a Sponsor in Recovery in Los Angeles, CA

Riviera Recovery Centers can find a sponsor for your loved one in recovery quickly and without hesitation. A sponsor is a crucial part of our program, and we understand the importance of sponsorship. We can connect you to our programs and explain our proven recovery techniques. Social support is significant in recovery. Let Riviera Recovery Centers in Los Angeles, CA walk you through your wellness journey. Contact us today.

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