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The Best Men’s Sober Living in Los Angeles, California

Men are more prone to substance abuse than women. Around 67 percent of admissions in addiction treatment centers are men. The high numbers are mainly caused by culture or other influences such as stress and genetics. Most men usually suffer from marijuana and alcohol use disorder. Anyone can fall into substance use disorder. There are those substance abuse experiences and treatment approaches that are unique to men. Thus, you may find men’s rehab centers or sober living facilities in Los Angeles such as Riviera Recovery.  

What Is Sober Living

los angeles men's sober livingSober living is transitional for individuals advancing from inpatient treatment to their normal lives. Many individuals who have finished inpatient treatment for substance use disorder feel they need more time away from home. They need this time to cope with triggers and cravings. 

Sober living residences are transitional because men will ease back into their work and school life. Men in sober living will also take part in an intensive outpatient program. They will access treatment services like therapy, support groups, mentorship, sponsor contacts, and counseling. 

Sober Living Vs. Rehab

Sober living and rehab are similar because you will spend time in a given facility. However, there are major differences between the two. The main difference is that rehab facilities are clinical environments, while sober living is a supportive environment. 

The staff members of rehab facilities are clinical experts such as doctors. There are some top sober living houses like Riviera Recovery with licensed practitioners like therapists. However, most of them do not have these experts. 

Rehab facilities are usually closed-doors facilities. This means that you cannot leave unattended. However, sober living houses encourage you to attend offsite activities like support groups, family time, and more. You can also go to work or school while in a sober living facility. 

In most cases, individuals spend more time in rehab than in sober living houses. It could be 30, 60, or even 90 days.  

What To Expect In Men’s Sober Living in Los Angeles

men's sober living los angeles californiaHow a men’s sober living in Los Angeles is based on what it means to live in a sober house

  • Structure. Sober living offers a structure for individuals in recovery. The structure is achieved in the form of rules. There are different rules in a sober house, and each of these depends on the facility. Examples include aero tolerance on drugs and alcohol, curfew restrictions, tidiness, visitation regulations, general conduct, and more.  
  • Tough love. Tough love from the staff in a sober living house nudges you towards long-term sobriety. They exhibit it through honesty, compassion, and real conversations I topics like masculinity, sex, self-worth, substance abuse, and more.  
  • Outpatient programs. It is a requirement to engage in some outpatient programs while in sober living houses. Examples include therapy, support groups, sponsor meetings, mentorship, and counseling.  
  • Supportive community. Long Term recovery calls for the support that sober living houses offer. The support will come in the form of friendships with your housemates, shared chores, support meetings with housemates, sharing meals & conversations, and more. 
  • Medication support. There are those individuals who need further medical support after rehab. The sober house staff will take over giving out the prescriptions to avoid abuse of these drugs. However, the medication you have must be prescribed by a doctor. 

Why You Should Consider Men’s Sober Living

If you have determined that sober living is the next right step in your recovery, then finding one that meets your needs is important. Not only do you want to be in a sober living home that supports the strides you have made in your recovery, but you also want to be in a home that keeps you focused on your end goal of living independently while in recovery.

So, if you are looking for a sober living home, it is well worth it to consider a men’s sober living home for the following reasons:

  • Minimal distraction — For heterosexual males, men’s sober living has proven to be less of a distraction that co-ed sober living. It is not easy trying to recover in front of the opposite sex while still trying to make good impressions.
  • More relatable roommates— There is no doubt that men and women can relate to one another on several different levels. But when it comes to something as impactful and as personal as addiction and recovery, studies have proven that healing among the same sex is more beneficial. One of the primary reasons for this is because men often share in similar experiences because of their sex.
  • Avoiding loneliness — Drug and alcohol addiction is an extremely lonely disease, even after the active use ends. Many men struggle with their sense of ego well into the recovery stages, as well as other issues such as poor communication skills and low self-esteem. But in a sober living home, men can take note from one another regarding self-esteem issues and their egos in ways that bring them closer together.
  • More comfort — As mentioned before, gender-specific sober living homes are excellent options for those in recovery because it helps to reduce the influence of the opposite sex. In a men’s sober living home, individuals tend to be more comfortable being themselves.

If you choose a men’s sober living home to continue your recovery in, know that you are making a decision that has proven very beneficial for several men before you.

Riviera Recovery Sober Living

men's sober living los angelesRiviera Recovery is a wellness community that offers the best sober living houses in Los Angeles on top of other services. We offered health and wellness services for over 30 years now. Recovery Riviera also offers transportation to outpatient treatment programs and 12-step meetings. The locations of our facilities also offer access to serene environments and activities such as paddle boarding and surfboarding. 

We have two sober living houses dedicated to men and co-ed. Our Pacific Palisades is dedicated to co-ed residency. It has separate bathrooms to support co-ed residency. The residents have access to gorgeous ocean views. You can also see the Santa Monica mountains since this facility is located right at the foot of these mountains.

Our Barrington House is dedicated to men’s sober living residency. You can access a couple of parks and various shops. It is also centrally located within a short driving distance from Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and LAX. Furthermore, our residents have access to yoga studios, museums, meditation, and gyms. There is also a BBQ in our outdoor patio. 

Our services focus on support, empowerment, and safety.  They include a phase system, random breathalyzer & drug testing, nightly check-ins, nutritionist meetings, food management system, sponsor contacts, and more. 

We also offer amenities as part of our services. They include weekly mentoring, housekeeping, peloton bikes, grocery cards, weekly family updates, and more.  

Men’s Sober Living in Los Angeles

You can get help in Los Angeles at Riviera Recovery. We are an experienced team of recovery experts that have served residents in the Los Angeles area for more than 30 years. We have two facilities, one for men and co-ed. Our Barrington House residency offers men’s sober living in Los Angeles, and our McLaughlin House in Santa Monica offers co-ed sober living. Both of these facilities offer a serene environment packed with fun and growth activities to promote sober living

Contact us now so we can answer any of your questions about our men’s sober living in Los Angeles. If you are ready to get started right away, visit our admissions page and fill out the form. We look forward to helping you continue your recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.