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Luxury Sober Living Vs Regular Sober Living Homes

A stereotype pervades the recovery community that sober living homes provide bare-bones accommodations, but many homes offer exceptions to that idea. Riviera Recovery offers two, gender-specific luxury sober living Los Angeles homes that provide safe environments for those learning to live life sober who also want a high-end experience. Barrington House offers young men a place to practice sobriety, while McLaughlin House offers women the same. 

The Differences Between a Luxury and a Regular Sober Living Home

The difference between a luxury and a regular sober living home can be found in things like the home itself. Luxury homes provide modern, high-end housing with beautiful decor located in popular areas of town. Luxury sober living homes tend to offer multiple amenities, such as gourmet kitchens, transportation, and access to recreational activities. 

Regular sober living homes often provide little to no supervision, whereas luxury homes offer house managers and other personnel to guide residents. Luxury homes maintain relationships with local outpatient therapy programs to provide residents with well-rounded options for any needed care.

Why Choose Sober Living in Los Angeles? 

Luxury sober living Los Angeles homes offer a variety of things that set them apart from homes in other areas. Los Angeles itself hosts an enormous number of addiction recovery meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), making it easy to find a meeting any time of day. The size of this metropolis, with over 12 million residents, allows for multiple choices for therapy treatment occurring outside a sober living home. These options include individual and group therapy, support groups, and holistic therapy. 

Many treatment programs encourage their clients to engage in physical activity and outdoor pastimes to achieve physical and mental wellness. Year-round warm temperatures in Los Angeles provide ample opportunities for activities like swimming, sailing, running, hiking, and gardening. 

Even a person’s downtime can be spent enjoying many activities in this beautiful area of Southern California. Los Angeles hosts a plethora of museums, live performances, parks, and celebrated restaurants. Plenty of opportunities exist for finding social activities, especially with co-residents who understand the struggle of establishing newly sober lives. Roommates in sober living can take advantage of this without worrying about relying on old habits like going to bars or other triggering environments. 

If someone seeking a luxury sober living Los Angeles home lives nearby, it is convenient to travel to the home. They can enjoy support from nearby loved ones, as allowed by the rules of each home. For those coming from out of the area, a new city can help them focus on recovery. For them, getting away from a triggering environment and negative peer group can help them stay focused on recovery.

About Our Luxury Sober Living in Los Angeles

Our luxury sober living homes offer many advantages over other types of homes, including the following:

Transportation and Grocery Shopping

We provide transportation for residents to places like the grocery store, 12-Step meetings, and doctor appointments. We also provide weekly food cards allowing residents to choose their meals and learn to budget for weekly groceries. 

Gender-Specific Homes

We have two gender-specific homes, allowing women and men to live separately from one another. Co-ed sober living homes often offer residents more temptation to engage in romantic or sexual liaisons than gender-specific ones. Concentrating on the early stages of recovery typically means avoiding these types of distractions. Gender-specific homes help many people feel more comfortable when they don’t feel pressured to act or dress a certain way around those of a different gender.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Our partnered programs offer multiple opportunities to follow-up detox and residential treatment with continued help to stay sober. These programs include: 

  • Outpatient Therapy (OP) – OP is ideal for those who have a stronghold on recovery but benefit from continued treatment like individual and group therapy. Appointments are usually one or two days a week for just a few hours.
  • Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP) – These programs are for those who can benefit from more time in outpatient therapy combined with staying in a sober living home. Appointments can range from two to three days a week for a few hours per day.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – The highest level of outpatient treatment, PHP benefits those who need concentrated amounts of recovery care. Appointments range from four to five days a week for several hours per day.

Activities Outside the Home

While some sober living homes do not allow residents to engage in regular outside activities, Riviera Recovery advises many of our residents to volunteer, find part-time work, and explore educational opportunities. If staff members feel a resident is ready for this step, they will be encouraged to take it. We understand the value of letting people get their feet wet with returning to work and school while living in the safety of a sober living home. 

Case Management

Riviera Recovery luxury sober living Los Angeles offers something many homes do not provide: case management. Case management provides a hands-on program where a team member will ensure residents attend their recovery meetings, therapy sessions, and medical appointments. We also make sure they take any needed medications and participate in household activities. 

Luxury Sober Living Los Angeles, CA

Do you know a young adult who can benefit from help overcoming their addiction to drugs or alcohol? Riviera Recovery offers two luxury sober living Los Angeles homes designed to assist residents in embracing lifelong recovery while enjoying a beautiful home and several amenities. Visit our admissions page now and let us help you begin the process of living the sober life you deserve.

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