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What is the Difference Between Sober Living and Rehab?

After detox, learning to live a sober lifestyle becomes the next priority. The difference between sober living and rehab is an important consideration. Residential rehab containing a solid treatment plan is a successful option for many addicts fresh out of detox. Sober living facilities have a different appeal for some who wish to experience a more open and home-like setting. In both options, sobriety and working on a treatment plan are requirements. Maintaining a substance-free life must be the main priority in making this decision. 

What is Sober Living?

The difference between sober living and rehab comes to light after detox and before treatment begins. Deciding how to proceed with treatment and living options after detox can be difficult. Sober living facilities are an option for those in treatment to offer guidance, sobriety maintenance, and learning how to live a sober life. Preventing relapse is the main goal for newly sober addicts. Sober living includes sobriety, mandatory curfews, chores, and zero tolerance for violent behaviors. 

An application process may be a protocol for some sober living arrangements. Sober living facilities, like residential rehab, strive to keep their residents away from the temptation to use or return to addiction. Teaching their residents a healthy and positive lifestyle, sober living offers a glimpse into what independent sober living will be like in the future. The main difference between sober living and rehab is that with sober living, the residents can go outside of the facility. Sober living homes do not have a detox program.  

What is Rehab?

An inpatient rehab program is a focused specialty program that typically follows detox. This drug and alcohol-free environment is a closely supervised in-house program with treatment and therapy. There are rules to abide by, and the patient does not come and go from the facility. Instead, patients stay in the controlled facility until the term of their residence is over. The difference between sober living and rehab is that rehab usually performs detox at their facility. 

A difference between sober living and rehab is a timeline. In residential rehab, a prescribed or predetermined timeline for treatment provides guidance. Residents must maintain the timeline provided for treatment. For residents who do not comply or make a solid commitment to participate in their program for recovery, there may be a reconsideration of terms. 

Who Should Consider Sober Living?

Anyone who wants to stop using drugs or alcohol can consider joining a sober living community. Sober living homes can be successful journeys for those leaving detox or an inpatient rehab center. In this sense, sober living homes are a stepping stone to independent living, a place to rebuild confidence to face the challenges of the world. Those who have attended detox and do not want to participate in inpatient rehab can apply to sober living homes to see if they qualify for acceptance in the program. The difference between sober living and rehab is that sober living allows for leaving the facility, although they must maintain a curfew.

Those who have attended primary treatment and have some positive coping skills may find the perfect fit in sober living. Following the house rules, maintaining physical and mental health, and having the goal to live independently are welcome. Also, participants must be serious about recovery. In other words, while those in rehab may be struggling, sober living requires a solid commitment.

Those attending sober living houses must adhere to the house rules. The difference between sober living and rehab, residents can bring no drugs or alcohol into the sober living home. In rehab, patients do not leave so there is less chance of that happening. However, dismissal from the program may occur following relapse.

Basic Sober Living Rules

  • Abstinence from drugs and alcohol
  • Abide by the curfews of the house
  • Act respectfully with all house staff and other residents
  • Be supportive
  • Unless it is a pet-friendly sober living home, no pets
  • No overnight guests
  • Sleep at the house at least five nights a week
  • Participation in random drug testing
  • Pay rent and other expenses
  • Perform chores as assigned
  • Attend support or 12-Step meetings

How to Choose the Right Sober Living Home

Finding the right sober living house can take time and determination. Look for a facility with in-house management teams that offers physical and mental health programs, constant guidance, and support. Sober living houses are the basis for future independent living and need to be a base for positive and meaningful relationships. In making treatment choices, the difference between sober living and rehab may take advice from your treatment team. 

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