Stay on Track in a Sober Living Community in Los Angeles

6 Ways Quality Sober Living Strengthens Recovery From Addiction

With your 30, 60, or 90-day stint in drug and alcohol rehab now under your belt, the next step in your recovery journey will be a stay in a sober living community.  Since the objective of addiction treatment is to achieve life-long sobriety, the decision to spend some restorative time in a sober residence is a wise one.  Re-entering normal life before your new sober and healthy habits have become routine will likely set you up for a relapse.  Therefore, sober living provides those new in recovery the opportunity for a safe transition back to regular life.   When considering where you want to spend a few months living in a sober environment why not make the best of it?  You know the saying, “Location, location, location,” right?  So why not enjoy the amazing benefits of a sober living community in Los Angeles—specifically, in the spectacular hills of Malibu, California?  Enjoy the beautiful vistas that rim the Pacific Ocean as part and parcel of your recovery journey. 6 Ways a Quality Sober Living Helps Keep Recovery on Track Yes, getting clean and sober is very hard.  Even more challenging, however, is staying clean and sober.  In early recovery, the brain hasn’t fully healed and old addiction reflexes and responses still threaten to undo all the hard work of getting sober.  This is where a quality sober living community can make a real difference in solidifying your recovery.  
  1. A drug and alcohol-free safety zone.  This is huge.  Although triggers come in all forms and variations, one universal trigger for potential relapse back into addiction is the very presence of drugs or alcohol.  Reduce the risk of this potential landmine and live in a drug and alcohol-free environment for a while.
  2. Replace bad habits with new, healthy ones.  Most addicts and alcoholics acquire increasingly destructive and unproductive habits along the way.  Intrinsic to a full recovery is the healing of the mind, body and spirit following a long period of self-abuse.  Taking up a new sport, daily exercise, and new hobbies enhances recovery by replacing poor former habits with invigorating new ones.
  3. Become part of a supportive community.  Many in recovery have left damaged relationships in their wakes and need to develop some new friendships.  Living in a quality sober living community provides a built-in support system, with both other recovering residents as well as the support staff offering encouragement and friendship.
  4. The benefits of a pet-friendly environment.  Much research confirms the many health benefits of pet ownership, and to the alcoholic or addict in recovery the benefits are many.  Having your dog present makes you feel less alone in an unfamiliar environment, as well as enhances feelings of self-worth, accountability, and reduced anxiety.  This can help prolong the stay in sober living, reinforcing recovery before re-entering the real world.
  5. Holistic therapies enhance recovery.  Without getting to the core issues beneath the addiction and learning new coping techniques, recovery will be short-lived.  Mindfulness training, yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture, and ongoing psychological therapy all help with self-discovery, living in the moment, and assisting with stress reduction.
  6. Learning how to enjoy the sober lifestyle.  A common hurdle for the newly recovered is viewing life without their substance as empty and boring.  A sober community learns the joy and fulfillment of experiencing cultural events, sports events, and outdoor activities without drugs and alcohol.
Riviera Recovery a Quality Sober Living Community in Los Angeles Riviera Recovery is a high quality, pet-friendly sober living community in Malibu, California that provides an exceptional environment to foster healing and recovery.  By offering a wide array of life-enhancing activities and therapies, its residents are afforded a unique opportunity for embracing a new, healthy lifestyle.  Riviera Recovery provides top-notch amenities and services in addition to trips and local activities that allow this sober living community in Los Angeles to experience the renewed spirit that they deserve.  For more information about our program, please call us today at (866) 478-8799.
Budgeting Sober Living Costs

Budgeting your Sober Living Costs

The Priceless Value in Choosing Sober Living Post Addiction Treatment Budgeting Your Sober Living Costs

We’ve all heard the British saying, “Penny-wise and pound-foolish,” a pithy phrase that points out the tendency to focus keenly on small expenses while ignoring the larger costs of certain things.  When it comes to making the important decision to spend a few months in a sober living environment, some might scoff at the cost to do so, while ignoring the bigger picture.   In reality, planning for a few months stay in a sober residence may be the best investment one can make on the road to long-term recovery.  Without taking this crucial step, and instead re-entering regular life while in a very vulnerable state, relapse is a real possibility.  In that event, another stint in an expensive drug and alcohol rehab will far exceed the sober living costs had that option been chosen in the first place. The Value of Sober Living Spending a few months in a nurturing, safe, and drug/alcohol free zone has benefits that far exceed the sober living cost associated with it.  Yes, there is rent to pay for this transitional housing, but no matter where one lives there would be rental or housing expense.  The same can be said for groceries that would need to be purchased while in sober living—a person has to eat no matter where they live.   Any added expense that sober living costs is far offset by the value of living in a supportive and therapeutic environment that reinforces the new clean and sober lifestyle being embraced.  Being surrounded by people who are dealing from the same daily (hourly!) challenges to newfound sobriety helps to provide the camaraderie so important in the early days of recovery.   In addition to the actual substance-free living space, sober living incorporates the elements needed to enhance recovery, such as 12-step meetings, on-site counselors, peer support, and personalized case management.  Having a supportive staff that makes sure you get to doctor’s appointments, outpatient services, or therapy sessions is something not usually found back at home, but is included in sober living costs.   Riviera Recovery: The Most Bang for your Sober Living Buck Located on a sprawling two-acre parcel of land in the hills of Malibu, California, Riviera Recovery provides an intimate, luxury sober living experience.  The focus at Riviera Recovery is on introducing the newly sober residents to all the invigorating and fulfilling activities of living life free of drugs and alcohol.  With an emphasis on helping its residents reclaim their physical, mental, and spiritual health, the compassionate staff teaches them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by offering organic foods and encouraging exercise. Riviera Recovery features a holistic approach to supporting sobriety.  Residents are not just housed there, they are embraced.  At Riviera, it is understood that deeply entrenched addiction behaviors must be replaced with new healthy alternative behaviors.  For this reason, a wide array of activities that nourish the mind, body, and spirit are offered to its residents.  Physical activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, Pilates, horseback riding, golf, and tennis are available.  Relaxation is promoted by yoga, acupuncture, sauna and spa, massage, tai chi, and gardening.   Private suites with luxury amenities are provided in this beautiful, spacious residence.  A resort-like backyard offers opportunities for socializing at the pool and barbeque, or for quiet meditation overlooking the serene hillside.  Sober living costs are relative to the benefit they provide, and at Riviera Recovery the benefits to achieving a lifelong recovery from drugs and alcohol far outweigh the cost.  For more information call us today at (866) 478-8799.

Sober Living Roommates and Recovery Success

Congratulations!  You have completed a stint in a drug and alcohol rehab program and are now clean and sober.  Since recovery from addiction is on a lifelong continuum, it is important to take the necessary steps to shore up that sobriety by transitioning next to a sober living environment. Sober living is housing that is drug and alcohol-free and allows for a gradual reentry to regular life following rehab.  This step is crucial for the newly sober, allowing newfound recovery the time to be reinforced within a safe, supportive setting.  Key to the success of this transitional housing is the social aspect, where sober living roommates help each other by encouragement and accountability.

Why is Sober Living Important to Recovery Success?

After discharge from a residential treatment facility the real work begins.  Adjusting to life outside the cocoon of drug or alcohol addiction can be difficult as raw emotions emerge and there is no drugged haze to mute the uncomfortable feelings.  Common are the emotions of guilt, shame, and fear as the newly recovering individual faces an unknown future.  This is where sober living roommates can benefit the most. Just having housemates who “get it,” who are also experiencing the same feelings and anxieties, can be extremely helpful in the early phase of addiction recovery.  Each resident is going through similar challenges to their recovery so they can help each other stay strong and avoid relapse.  Regular meetings allow a safe place for sharing these concerns.  The zero tolerance policy on abstinence that most sober living homes have helps set up a deterrent to using, as no one wants to be kicked out at such a vulnerable time in recovery.  Accountability to sober living roommates is another positive aspect of these living arrangements, where one roommate’s actions will impact the other.

Riviera Recovery Offers the Finest Sober Living Environment

Located among two acres of breathtaking hillside scenery in Malibu, California is Riviera Recovery.  What sets Riviera Recovery apart from most sober living residences are the plentiful amenities and deluxe accommodations they offer to give each resident the most healing and therapeutic sober living experience available in Southern California. Because this is an exclusive sober living environment, only a small number of residents are accepted at any given time.  This intimate level of care provides a strong sense of community among the residents, often resulting in lifelong friendships.  Riviera is a pet-friendly sober residence, allowing for the therapeutic benefits of having your cherished pet on board with you. Riviera Recovery centers their recovery model on the concept that authentic recovery from substance dependency relies on replacing the substance with healthy new behaviors and habits.  By providing its residents with a full array of healthy, rejuvenating activities that combine with superb, personalized case management, recovery from addiction is reinforced.  Sober living roommates find they have the finest services in their bedroom suites, including LCV television and DVD players, wireless Internet, housekeeping, and ultra comfortable furnishings. Among the many therapeutic activities that Riviera Recovery offers are a saltwater pool and spa, infrared sauna, yoga, Pilates, surfing and paddleboarding.  Exercise is encouraged, believed to be an intrinsic aspect of recovering health and emotional stability.  A healthy diet is provided, including organic foods, superfoods, and a LIFE 8000 water alkalizer. Transportation is provided to and from required 12-step meetings, and sober companion services are available if needed.

Let Riviera Recovery be Your Next Stop in Recovery

Now that you are headed into the next phase of your new life of sobriety, why not maximize this step and spend some time transitioning to regular life at Riviera Recovery?  The expert, compassionate staff members will provide you with the utmost in recovery care while also setting important boundaries and expectations that will prepare you for life.  After your stay at Riviera Recovery is complete, staff members will continue to follow up with you on a regular basis to help ensure that your recovery goals are realized.  For more information about the superb sober living accommodations please call us today at (866) 478-8799.

Post-Treatment Rehab for Heroin Addiction

Heroin Addiction and Overdose at Epidemic Levels in the U.S.

Heroin has caught the nation asleep at the wheel.  With heroin-related overdoses and deaths escalating to epidemic levels, it is clear that battling opioid use and addiction should become a top priority in the nation.  According to the Centers of Disease Control, heroin overdose deaths in the U.S. have exploded by 286% between 2003-2013, killing 33,000 in 2015 alone.  Whether the heroin addiction originated with a prescription for painkillers for an injury or post-surgery, or if is the result of risk-seeking recreational drug use, once the drug has an individual in its clutch it is deadly. Spending time in rehab for heroin addiction is the only authentic hope for getting clean and staying that way.  An inpatient residential addiction treatment program is still the optimum choice for the highest level of care for heroin addiction.  An inpatient setting provides medically supervised detox and withdrawal tailored for opioid addiction, where medications can be prescribed to assist with the withdrawal symptoms. Once discharged from heroin rehab the real challenges to sustained sobriety present themselves.  Individuals who go straight from inpatient treatment back to the real world may find their recovery compromised almost immediately.  Studies have shown that transitioning first to a sober living environment helps to reinforce abstinence and reduce the possibility of relapse. Recovery Involves a Continuum of Care  Receiving inpatient rehab for heroin addiction is simply the first stop along the journey to a renewed life of sobriety.  Once treatment has been completed it is important to prepare for the potholes sure to be experienced along the way.  Returning too soon to real life can be rife with triggers and traps that can completely undo the hard work done in treatment. Having a relapse prevention plan in place will anticipate the people, places or things that may trip up the newly clean and sober person.  An important step in preventing relapse is to plan for a stay in a sober living residence where new healthy habits can be reinforced in a supportive environment.  Social support is crucial in the early days of recovery, and the fellowship found in sober living homes, especially those that require participation in a 12-step program, provides that much needed sense of community. Exclusive Sober Living Environment There is a wide range of sober living housing available, each with its own characteristics and amenities.  At the high end are exclusive sober living residences that provide an array of additional services to enhance recovery in addition to offering more luxurious accommodations.  Exclusive sober living programs may also offer tailored case management services that coordinate the various aspects of the recovering addict’s post-treatment phase. When sober living homes are devoted to helping the resident experience the beauty of life and living they become more holistically oriented, addressing not only the addiction but the whole person.  The focus is on incorporating rejuvenating experiences and services into the post-treatment phase, such as spa services, meditation, local outdoor activities, and outings.  Teaching residents to allow joy back into their lives is an important treatment element of the exclusive sober living environment. Riviera Recovery Offers Premier Rehab for Heroin Addiction in Los Angeles, CA Nestled in the rolling hills above Malibu, California over an expanse of two acres, Riviera Recovery offers an exclusive, private sober living recovery center.  The complex is a beautiful 7,000 square foot facility where a limited number of residents who have completed rehab for heroin addiction can find the serene and supportive home environment that enhances healing. Riviera Recovery promotes a healthy and vibrant post-treatment lifestyle where a strong sober support system is in place.  Not only is Riviera Recovery pet friendly, but also offers an amazing menu of holistic services such as infrared sauna, saltwater pool and spa, yoga, Pilates, surfing, paddle boarding, and trips to various destinations in California.  Each resident is provided with a well-appointed private suite to make the stay a pleasurable one.  For more information about Riviera Recovery and its powerful role in heroin recovery, please call us at (866) 478-8799.

Why is Los Angeles the Best Place to get Sober?

Los Angeles has been the west coast hub for sobriety for quite some time. With comfortable high-end rehabilitation centers strewn across the sandy beaches of the coast, and a recovery fellowship that is unparalleled, it’s no wonder why Los Angeles is the best place to get sober.

Los Angeles Offers an Abundance of Sober Living Accommodations

There are a plethora of sober living options in, and around, the Los Angeles area ranging from inpatient treatment facilities to more flexible transitional homes. Transitional living provides those recovering from substance abuse a safe, sober home environment while they get back on their feet. It’s not uncommon for those in recovery to make a home here, especially after they experience the amazing recovery community the city has to offer.  

12 Step Meetings and Fellowship Galore

There are thousands of A.A. meetings in Los Angeles. From industry people to Midwest transplants, you’re bound to find people with similar interests. The fellowship in L.A. doesn’t stop at beach meetings and speaker conferences though. The sobriety community creates their own fun; from retreats and music festivals, to nonprofit organizations and outings, there’s never a dull moment. They even hold “Soberchella”; created by a husband and wife who wanted to attend the music festival Coachella without the temptation of drugs and alcohol. There is a powerful dynamic between those who recovered from substance abuse in L.A., and they are on a mission to show those who are still suffering from their disease just fun life in sobriety can be!

The Weather – Need I Say More?

Southern California is known for its beautiful weather, palm trees and sandy beaches. The sunny climate offers plenty of opportunities for sober activities, not to mention the vitamin D is good for your soul. While people often associate L.A. with night life and Hollywood parties, the city has so much more to offer. Between the beautiful hikes, beach walks, coastal road trips, weekly festivals and street fairs, there are plenty of opportunities to “party” sober. There’s nothing more dangerous for someone recovering from substance abuse than boredom; and staying active is easy in such a bustling city.

Getting Sober in Los Angeles – Diversity and Opportunity

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is known as the “land of opportunity” and it lives up to that name. People come from all walks of life to sober up in the “City of Angels” and end up gaining so much more. Due to the dense population there are endless job and career opportunities. Recovering addicts and alcoholics are making a life for themselves in L.A. by building a foundation for life-long sobriety; and they’re having a blast doing it. While many people migrate to Southern California to chase their dreams, addicts and alcoholics from around the country come to Los Angeles to find relief from addiction. They end up staying for the weather, unlimited outdoor activities and abundant recovery community and fellowship the city has to offer.   Visit us here for more information about treatment and sober living opportunities in the Los Angeles area. We invite you to call Riviera Recovery today for a free confidential assessment, and to learn more about sober living & individualized recovery counseling: 310-872-1908

What to Expect After Rehab for Alcoholism

You’ve made an important decision to quit drinking. You entered a 30, 60 or even 90-day program and have successfully completed treatment.  You’re uncertain about what to expect after rehab for alcoholism, so what comes next?

Upon graduating from a residential treatment program for alcoholism you have a couple of options.

You can return home, with the tools you gained during rehab, or you can temporarily move into a sober living home. The purpose of a sober living home is to be in a safe sober environment, around like minded individuals, while you start to put the tools you learned in rehab into practical use. A sober home allows you to come and go as needed for work, school or appointments, but with more structure than living at home. Most sober living homes have a curfew and a live in house manager, as well as shared chores and other responsibilities. Many people find a lack of structure to be a relapse trigger in early sobriety, so moving into a transitional home is very common after rehab.

Life after rehab will be full of learning experiences.

You’ll probably leave treatment with a packet of resources, as well as an aftercare program designed by you and your counselor. Make sure you know what your days and weeks will look like following rehab. Having a set schedule will keep you focused and on track.

Life after alcohol rehab may include, but is not limited to:

  • Weekly outpatient groups
  • 12 step meetings
  • Counseling appointments
  • Sponsor check ins
  • Job search activities

One of the most important things to be mindful of after you leave rehab are your triggers.

Make sure you have a relapse prevention plan and a phone list of people to call if you get in a bind. Alcoholism is tricky, and triggers can come at the least expected time.

Communication is imperative to a comfortable transition after returning home from rehab.

Talk to your loved ones ahead of time about what is expected of each other and what your immediate needs are. If you’re returning to a high stress job, communicate with your boss about required post rehab meetings and other sobriety related appointments. If you don’t put your recovery first you run the risk of slipping into old behavior that can cause triggers and relapse.

Stay active in your recovery and find a fellowship of other sober people who know what you’re going through.

Life after rehab for alcoholism will be very different than the life you’re used to. In early recovery you may have feelings of restlessness and irritability. You may be walking through challenging situations that the people around you who do not have a substance abuse disorder won’t understand. There are thousands of 12 step meetings nationwide, so there are bound to be a few in your area. Get active in the sobriety community and stay connected. These meetings are a great place to meet other people in recovery and start doing things outside of meetings that don’t include alcohol. With determination and a solid aftercare plan, your outlook on what to expect after rehab for alcoholism will be undaunted! We invite you to call Riviera Recovery today for a free confidential assessment, and to learn more about sober living & individualized recovery counseling: 310-872-1908

Pros and Cons of Sober Living Homes

If you struggle with the disease of substance abuse, getting sober may be one of the hardest things you ever do. Many alcoholics and drug addicts will enter a medical facility to safely detox from their drug of choice. Residential treatment is a logical next step, but what do you do after you’ve completed your inpatient stay?

You’re probably excited to get back to the comfort of your own home; the thought of being surrounded by family and friends is appealing, but is it too soon?

A sober living home PRO is a safe option for transitioning back to daily life, but you may be wondering if it’s the right choice for you. Going home after 30-90 days in a structured environment isn’t always the best idea. The stress of daily life and the possible temptation of going back to your old environment could be disastrous without the proper foundation.

What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living is a house for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. It’s designed to offer a safe and stable environment, while you lay the groundwork for lifelong sobriety. Most of these homes have a live-in house manager who ensures everything runs smoothly. Residents work together to share chores, as well as provide peer support while navigating the challenges of early recovery. There is often a curfew; however you are allowed to come and go during the day.

Is a Sober Living Home Right for You?

If you’ve been using your drug of choice for some time, the majority of your day probably revolved around getting and using drugs or alcohol. Learning to fill that time with healthy activities, while processing the feelings you’ve been numbing, can be challenging and takes time. It’s important to focus on your recovery and a sober living home is a great place to start building that foundation.

Your loved ones fantasize about how wonderful everything will be when you return home drug free.

They may have expectations and feel hurt or let down when those expectations aren’t met. Healing any damage done with your family relationships will be easier when you have the life skills to effectively communicate your feelings. Living in a home with people who understand what you’re going through is important; everyday stress and feelings of guilt are huge contributors to a relapse.

Here are a few pros to moving into a sober living home:

  • Personal Responsibility – You’ll be expected to pay rent, do your own grocery shopping and will be assigned household chores. Reorganizing your priorities and building a routine is an important discipline to learn in recovery.
  • No Rehab Required – Although you must be sober, most sober livings do not require that you come from a treatment program. If you’ve safely detoxed from drugs and alcohol you can move into a sober living and further cultivate your journey in sobriety.
  • Communication Skills – Living with several roommates will allow you to practice setting healthy boundaries and utilize proper communication skills.
  • Structure – Most recovering addicts and alcoholics need some structure to stay sober. A sober living home provides accountability, support, curfews and random drug testing. Remember, recovery is a marathon, not a race. It’s all about transitioning back into your normal routine.
  • Safe Sober Environment – This is probably the most important benefit if there is drinking or using in your home. Being around other people with similar goals, in a substance-free environment, will ensure you stay on the right track.

Sober Living Homes Aren’t for Everyone

If you or your loved one require a higher level of care with increased monitoring and detox is required, a sober living home may not be the appropriate place to start.  We invite you to call Riviera Recovery today to learn more about sober living and request a free confidential assessment to determine if is right for you. In the case that you may need more help, Riviera Recovery also works with local detox centers that can help you get started. 866-478-8799

Tips for Staying Sober After Rehab

Staying sober in rehab is one thing. Staying sober outside of rehab is another. After you’ve finished addiction treatment, Los Angeles can be a hard city to live in and maintain your sobriety. There is a huge focus on nightlife and entertainment, which means alcohol or other substances. Not to mention the daily stress of life and our tendency to fall into “old habits”.  Once you have finished rehab, a residence in a sober living for recovery facility is an excellent decision. A high end sober living facility provides the comforts of home (there are even pet-friendly sober living options) with the structure and support needed to begin your journey on the sober living path. In addition to living in a sober living facility, here are some tips for maintaining sobriety, post-rehab:
  • Seek Support: Whether it is sober counseling, therapy or relying on a sober coach, it is important to have the right support and guidance to keep your sober goals in mind and help you manage the complex emotions and stress that occurs while managing recovery.
  • Use Your Time Wisely: Shockingly, one common cause of relapse is boredom and feeling restless. Many addicts have poor impulse control and can be easily bored or anxious. That’s why a well thought out schedule and a “game plan” to focus on is extremely important. By committing to 12 step meetings, therapy sessions, meetings with your sober coach or staying involved in service work or positive activities can help you stay on track with sober living.
  • Focus on Your Goals: Whether it is finding your dream job, creating a healthy family life or focusing on education – focusing on your new sober goals is extremely important to successful sober living. Start by making a list of realistic goals to help you stay motivated, active and engaged.  During your stay at a sober living facility, you will have the opportunity to discover new interests and goals – and put a detailed plan in place to help you achieve those goals.

Rivera Recovery Provides Continuing Care at Malibu Sober Living

These tips were brought to you by the sober living experts at Riviera Recovery, a luxury facility that offers sober living on the beach and helps addicts find their sober path during recovery. To learn more about luxury sober living, visit the Riviera Recovery’s website and experience the best sober living and addiction treatment Los Angeles has to offer. Call 866-478-8799
Why being sober is sexy in California?

Why Being Sober is Sexy

There is a huge lie out there. It’s that somehow drugs and alcohol are alluring. That they make you attractive. Fun. Sexy.  It’s a lie that the entire “nightlife” industry is based on. But for people facing serious addiction, there is nothing fun or sexy about drugs or alcohol – instead of drugs and alcohol seriously impact every aspect of your life and image in a negative way. Here are some reasons why being sober is sexy:
  • You Look Better: Alcohol and drugs are hard on your looks.  They cause bloating, weight gain, bad skin, dry and brittle hair and nails, stained teeth – the list goes on. When you give up alcohol and drugs, you’ll not only feel your very best – you’ll look your very best too.
  • Your Bank Account is Bigger: having your finances in order is attractive. And addictions cost a lot of money. Consider how much money you’ll save when you are not spending it on alcohol or drugs. During your time in a sober living facility, you’ll learn to manage your money and start to build up a savings.
  • Strength is Sexy: When you go through addiction recovery, you come out a much stronger, wiser and more enlightened person. That strength and intelligence is extremely attractive.
  • You’re Comfortable in Your Own Skin: Once you overcome an addiction and get on the path to sober living, you begin to find out who you truly are. There’s something very sexy about a man or a woman who knows who they are and who doesn’t feel the need to “cover up” their true personality with drugs or alcohol.  That kind of confidence is extremely attractive.
  • You Gain Compassion and Empathy: They say that recovering addicts are some of the best listeners in the world – and that’s because the skills that they learned in sober living help them empathize with others and provides them with incredible perspective and empathy to other people’s emotions. This quality makes a person very attractive to others, as these attributes are very rare these days.
  • You’re in Control: Let’s face it – when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you aren’t in control of your emotions, words or actions. Often you will do or say things that just aren’t “you”.  When you are sober, you are confident, in control and stable. You don’t blow off people or act in ways that you regret.  You own your decisions and actions – and that’s something people are really drawn to.

Discover a New Sober You: Malibu Recovery Center

Ready to discover a new sober you – and find out just how good it feels to get clean? Riviera Recovery’s Malibu recovery center helps young adults find their sober path and help you become a whole, healthy, competent and confident individual. To learn more about beachside sober living in Malibu, visit the Riviera Recovery’s web site and experience the best sober living southern California has to offer.